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Devender ought to be alert for Ammaji

The picture presented on Colors’ Na Aana Is Des Laado is that Ammaji is dead and cremated. However, a sharp look at the niceties bring out a few loopholes in the depiction.

Published: Saturday,Jan 16, 2010 19:33 PM GMT-07:00
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Devender is all gung-ho about his crowning ceremony that's just around the corner on Colors' Na Aana is Des Laado. However, if he is wise, he'd have noticed the finer details about her death rite and that something's definitely amiss, which means he needs to watch his back…

According to our source, "With the death of Ammaji, Devender has been flying on cloud nine. He has promised Vora, his accomplice in murdering Ammaji that he will give him whatever he wants. Devender is feeling all powerful almost godlike. Now he aims to be at the helm of all things."
Adds the source, "Now it is to be seen who among the Sangwan family will pull Devender back to ground level and make him realize his mistakes."

The source further says, "It could be Ammaji herself because although her body was shown being brought at home, the interesting part is that Ammaji's face wasn't shown during the last rites. This indicates that Ammaji will most probably be back on the show."

If the buzz is to be believed, the coming Monday's episode will give out a clear indication that Ammaji is not dead. It remains to be seen how the death of Ammaji has been faked.

We tried contacting Meghna Malik aka Ammaji but she remained unavailable for comments.

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JITU18 13 years ago WE love u ammaji plz come back and mashal dunga ko mat mashal na he is doin gud acting
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Shaina_b 13 years ago Ammaji cannot die!!!!!The show revolves around her!!!!

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PriyaEric 13 years ago Gud that Ammaji vll b back....but the creatives shud show more of Raghav-Sia love track....otherwise the show shud gets too boring at times.
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rabzonedge 13 years ago i want this show too end.....its very boring...
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Stark_Wolf 13 years ago this show started with diff theme nd goin another way....
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regalla 13 years ago yeh toh hona hi hai..... nahin toh serial mein jaan kahan rahegi..

there might be many characters...but the pillars of the show are the characters of Raghav, Sia and Ammaji....without anyone of them, the show will lose its appeal

but i find this segment highly boring, so want it to end as soon as possible2010-01-16 07:24:08
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RagMasta 14 years ago kidnap was a better movie...but i wish there was another actress instead of manisha lamba
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fire_woman 14 years ago DRONA!! Let me tell you, I would be happy to swing on a rope with Abhishek any day!<wicked grin> That MAN is just too too sexy!! *YUM*

As for Kidnap - looks interesting, and Imran does too ... lol. He is very cute to be sure, but Abhishek, oh my oh my oh my ... what a MAN, what MAN, what a mighty mighty sexy MAN! **swoon**
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Craze_naina 14 years ago looking forward for Kidnap
not watching Drona....hate war type movie
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missing Vmars
missing Vmars 14 years ago kidnap no 2 ways abt it !!!!! drona i dont really understand wats it all abt .....
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