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Dev and Radhika come face to face..

The one hour special episode in Zee's Choti Bahu on 28th April will finally see the protagonists coming face to face..


The wait is finally over, as Dev (Avinash Sachdev) and Radhika (Rubina Bilaik) will come face to face on 28th April in the one hour Special Episode in Zee's Choti Bahu.

As per our source, "The main gist of the special episode is that Dev will finally see his dream girl Radhika".

Elaborating on the story line, our khabroo adds, "Radhika is busy preparing for the wedding of Dev and Vishaka when Dev accidentally sees Radhika's reflection in water. This gives him a shock of his life".

This is where Dev gets to know that the girl he is madly in love with is none other than Vishaka's sister Radhika. However, he is still unaware of the marriage that has taken place between him and Radhika.

"There are many questions that Dev wants to ask Radhika, but she keeps silent throughout. However, the twist comes when Radhika finally breaks her silence and tells Dev that she never loved him", adds our source.

Radhika finds her sister's married life on one side and the love of her husband on the other. The girl will be in a dilemma as to what to do next.

Says our source, "The track of Radhika's identity being hidden from Dev went on for long. The channel and production house want to end this hide and seek game and be loyal to the viewers".

As of now, one can see emotions flowing this Tuesday(28th April) when Dev and Radhika come face to face in Choti Bahu's one hour episode at 7.30 PM..

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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