Designer Rohit Verma reacts on Karan Mehra's defamation case

India Forums got in touch with Rohit Verma to know about the defamation case.

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Karan Mehra

Designer Rohit Varma has now reacted on Karan Mehra's defamation case.

The Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal controversy has taken an ugly turn.

Karan Mehra held a press conference and addressed the media about latest developments in the matter. Karan revealed getting death threats from unknown people.

And now, he also revealed that he has filed a defamation case against Munisha Khatwani and Rohit Verma. The two were Nisha Rawal's best friends. Karan revealed that the two have not only supported Nisha but also defamed Karan.

India Forums got in touch with Rohit Verma to know about the same, "I haven't got any legal notice and if I receive, my legal team will look into matter."

Karan was arrested by the Goregaon police after his wife Nisha Rawal filed a complaint against him. The reports revealed that he pushed Nisha against the wall following a dispute and she hurt her head. Hence, she filed an FIR with the Goregaon police on the night of 31st May 2021. The actor was granted bail hours after his arrest.

Nisha Rawal went ahead to be a part of controversial show ‘Lock Upp’ wherein she time and again brought up Karan’s topic and also revealed a big secret of being in a relationship with another man while being married to Karan. And Karan accussed Nisha having an afair with Rohit Satia

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Karan is disappointing. The truth shall be out soon

1 years ago

Isse kehte hain khud k pair pr kulhadi maarna

1 years ago

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