Delhi showers Love and Adoration on Zaynah

Zaynah aka Antara’s visit to the capital city opened doors for more hugs and kisses for her!

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had reported earlier that the team of Zee TV and Drishtant Media's Aap Ki Antara has been invited to Delhi, where they were to be honored with an award for being people's most loved show.

The visit apparently proved to be full of many pleasant surprises, especially for little Zaynah Vastani. According to our source, "Zaynah obviously was well received as it's her innocent little face that became the face of the show itself. She carried herself very well all through the felicitation ceremony."

Also, a chance stroll on the streets, for the sake of an interview with a television channel, made people go crazy over Zaynah. Says the source, "People got very excited to see Zaynah. In fact a few army men, who were practicing their march past, stopped midway and came over to talk to her. They blessed Zaynah as she was working for a very good cause."

The army men praised the entire team for their endeavor. Says the source, "The army fellas commented that the cause the team was working on has really attracted the general public. It has made them 'aware' of the term Autism."

The wild trip continued till the time they caught their flight! The source says, "When they were waiting for their flight in the lounge, one by one people of all ages, from four year olds to sixty four year olds, came up to Zaynah and requested to pose for pictures with them. They took her autograph on small purses, dupattas, hands, currency notes, boarding pass, hanky, plain paper…just about anything they could get their hands on. Because of this unexpected hullabaloo, the Aap Ki Antara team missed their flight!"

But the fan following that caused the problem also solved it. Says the source, "The AKA team was accommodated in the next flight because the Airlines' supervisor was also a die-hard fan of Zaynah! She obliged the team saying- 'Just because of Antara'. The whole team was truly exhilarated with the day's events!"

Like the old saying goes- All's well that ends well!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (32)

aww my sweetie pie...she is so adorable...God Bless you Zaynah Angel..and All the success to the Aapki Antara team

14 years ago

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww she's such a sweetie pie.. i nvr want leap to b taken place!!!

14 years ago

that's so sweet and absolutely commendable! Great going AKA team and Zynah

14 years ago

omg wowooo!!!adorableeeeeeee lil doll she deserves all of it! n the whole team too:)

14 years ago

Thank you for knocking some sense in viewers mind....Great show...

14 years ago

she is etremely adorable n deserves much more

14 years ago

Thanks, Zyanah is such an adorable kid she truly deserves this accolade

14 years ago

sooo sweet!!
she's such a cute kid, and the show is so different and amazing!! :D

14 years ago

well deserved...very unique show and for a good cause and public whole family loves it!!

14 years ago

Congrats to the whole team of aap ki antara. Amazing, mindblowing, awesome, brilliant show that is being appreciated by everyone. The show makes you laugh and cry at the same time.

14 years ago

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