Delhi Court grants divorce to singer Honey Singh and wife Shalini Talwar

The Delhi court has finally granted divorce to Honey Singh and wife Shalini Talwar.

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Shalini Talwar and Honey Singh

Singer-rapper Honey Singh has been granted a divorce from his wife, Shalini Talwar, by a Delhi family court. The court settled the two-and-a-half-year-old case between the estranged couple, and before granting the divorce, it gave Honey Singh one final opportunity to consider reconciliation. However, the singer expressed that there was no point in continuing to live together.

The settlement was reached by both parties, leading to the withdrawal of the domestic violence case that Shalini had filed. In the case, she had accused Honey Singh and his family of aggressive behaviour and claimed that he had a history of criminal intimidation, causing harm, and resorting to brutal violence against those who did not comply with his demands.

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During the court proceedings, the judge asked Honey Singh if he had any intentions of reconciling with his wife. The singer made it clear that there was no possibility of them reuniting. Honey Singh was represented by Advocates Ishaan Mukherjee, Amrita Chatterjee, and Jaspal Singh, while Advocate Vivek Singh represented Shalini Talwar.

Shalini Talwar had previously alleged domestic violence against the singer, stating that she lived in fear due to mental, physical, emotional, sexual, and economic violence inflicted by Singh and his family. Following the court's grant of divorce, both parties withdrew their allegations against each other.

However, the terms of the settlement remain confidential, and in September of the previous year, Honey Singh provided his wife with a demand draft of Rs 1 crore as per the court's settlement agreement.

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Separations are always painful for the couple.

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