Deepshika-Keshav Eliminated From Nach Baliye

First couple to get eliminated is deepshika and keshav

Nach Baliye Season 5 seems to have opened up with a decent TRP and now we hear that the first set of eliminations has come in. Yesterday the elimination was shot in which Kushal and his girlfriend and Deepshika and Keshav were in the bottom 2.

Unfortunately, Deepshika and Keshav had to bid aideu to the show. As the competition continues we want to hear who our readers think maybe in line for the next elimination...

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Deepshikha Nagpal

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Kaishav Arora

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Nach Baliye 5

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Comments (54)

Deepshika and Keshav out already? Oh No! These two are good dancers, and thus far, they have definitely not been the weakest ones! I think Rahul and Dimpy should have gone out. They are terrible. No offense!

11 years ago

Did not expect them to be the first ones to be out. I just hope the best one wins and not ones with the most fans.

11 years ago

kushal tandon loveyou ..
ur just the best

11 years ago

To all the kushal hater,the ppl who saying kushal didnt dance n all...let me enlighten u guyzz dat kushena got 32/33 marks in their 3rd act...Last week was just a bad day for him...but him performance wasn't the worst...some haters just cant stand kushal's popularity n just want him to get never thought ,ppl will support even dat rahul mahajan just to let down kushal...

11 years ago

Ppl dont have anythng else to do.. Busy in bashing Kushal ! If u r missing dem so so much.., U should have voted for dem ! And who the hell think Rahul is providing entertainment only ppl like Sajid Khan can think like dat .. Grr.. he should have gone.. He is good for nothing ! Its a dance show not a comedy show ! Kushal is learning and will give u a tight slap in his next performance.. Wait and watch bashers !

11 years ago

nooo! like deepshika and keshav alot!will miss them... khushal and his Gf should have gone after all it's about how good the performance was...

11 years ago

kushal has a huge fans as well as hater...afterall kushal have acheived such grt sucess within a many insecure n jealousy fans will never let a chance go to blame our boy...

11 years ago

This is nonsense There is more weak jodi than Dep-Kes why they ?

11 years ago

Show is not a Dance India Dance, where contestants have to be a really good dancer, the show is about the chemistry between the couple. The show is about their bonding, so stop saying that Kushal or Keshav, or Rahul are not dancing well, they are trying.

11 years ago

why do the undeserving ones always get saved.. kushal should have gone!!!!!!!
atleast rahul puts some sort of effort and contribution in.. kushal is lazy and an awful dancer!

11 years ago

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