Deepali Pansare excited about her new role..

Deepali Pansare to make guys dance on her fingers in Star One's Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein, as she finally essays her age...

TellyBuzz was the first to report about Deepali Pansare (of fame Devi on Imagine TV) being part of Star One's Dhoondh Legi Manzil Hamein. Now the latest we hear is that she will be seen as a surprise element, as her entry is scheduled to be aired few days later in the show.

Elaborating on her character, our source says, "Nandini essayed by Deepali is the only beautiful girl in the place and she is very proud to be the same. She knows very well to tackle the boys, as her beauty has taught her to handle them. In other words, she knows how to keep distance from guys".

"But when Nandini comes across Abhishek played by Deepak Wadwa, all her experience of tackling guys comes to an end as the NRI falling for her comes like a shocker to her which makes her confused. Even though she avoids him in the beginning, she eventually starts to love him", adds source.

We contacted Deepali Pansare who confirmed the news, "Yes, my character is full of life and as she is the only beautiful girl from the village, she makes all the guys dance on her fingers. More than that I can't divulge anything as you have to watch her on the show."

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar


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sweet16s 9 years ago i lv her n m very happy dat she is BACK wid her real age,yeppie...
-ashes- 9 years ago such a chep show this is......MJHT forever
nikki.171 9 years ago I luv her!! sounds interesting...but i dunt want it 2 replace MJHT no way.
Onli if MJHT wason...
CrazyChatterbox 9 years ago hey...didnt she play sumalata in dmg 2yrs ago?
dusk 9 years ago Em actually curious about the show soeagerly waiting :)
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