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Deathly Hallows of Soaps!!

Our TV shows love celebrating every festival with great pomp,show and grandeur, but the festival which is their favourite is 'Halloween'. Don't agree with us? Read and find out yourself!

Published: Wednesday,Oct 31, 2007 12:12 PM GMT-06:00
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Welcome to the Zombie world of small screen. As they keep murdering, assassinating and killing characters left right and centre, we keep getting reminded of 'ghostly' Halloween because all this 'dead' people are unfailingly brought back alive even before the ash of their body gets a chance to settle! These daily shows should now be renamed as 'Daily Zombies' shows as the frequency of bringing back the dead have doubled many a times in the recent past .

Let us go through some thrilling zombie rides this Halloween, as we take a peek at all those dead men/women walking on our screens right now!

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Mihir Virani…He is the First actor who started the very trend of dying and coming back when he was killed in the show KSBKBT. It brought a furore all over ..people, mostly women, came out on street demanding his return..The show , the character and the Producer got immense publicity for free and since then the character of Mihir has become a legend on Small screen. It showed the path to all as to how to bring a twist in the story or give people the shock of their life, a tradition which was more of an accident has changed the whole perspective of small screen. Just like the Apple which fell on Newton's head, Ekta Kapoor had Mihir virani falling on her head and ,rest, as they say, is History!

Tulsi Virani…Following the foot steps of her husband, his better half followed suit and died in the show. She met with an accident, her truck fell from a cliff , but she escaped miraculously . Afterall television is a woman’s medium . She then actually went on to better the record as she died TWICE in the show only to come back later. Once with her original face and next time with Plastic surgery done. Interstingly, though unintentionally, the writers have given life to another profession - "Plastic Surgery". We have seen many cases of silicon surgeries. Must admit, a novice way to bring new character in the show. It became a boon for the producers - if any actor is feeling creatively drained out uttering same dialogue , in the same scene and with same sets..or simple doesn’t want to play the role of a 100 something woman - then viola! Plastic surgery and life goes on!. Result? Tale of Tulsi is still on but somehow its losing the sheen and essesnce !

Agrawal ..He died a little “hatke” from the others , in a rail accident. His death sequence must have cost more than the others and the whole Agrawal house mourned his death for over a month..using gallons of glycerine and making viewers emotional and it showed when TRP's skyrocketed .Now he is back in the show for the sake of the same TRP’s. ripping from another serial, the creatives even executed the scene in a similar fashion - just like Tulsi saw Mihir on her wedding day, same way Parvati met Om on later's wedding day..they have just altered the script here and there and here it . Now as Paravti and have seen each other and they will unite soon but whether Rishika will prove to be another Mandira is for us to see and contemplate. Now with back , he has bought an all new Vamp in the show…that means more masala and tadka in Kahaani of Agrawal household. and with it..more for Viewers!

Parvati Agarwal…Another case of resurrection from the dead - she came back even more stronger! Also, Parvati is never short of money. Where do they get so much of money from? On second thoughts, perhaps they have to justify her designer sarees and her makeover, so may be that’s why she earned all that money. Do notice when ever someone goes missing from any Balaji show they come back more richer and wealthier than ever before..isnt this strange? After her re entry, she fought case for her grand daughter in law and now..when nothing is left she is back to square one.. Agrawal!

Akshay Srivastava... He met with an accident and died..his wife Mamta refused to believe it..but when she accepted her fate, Akshay came back as Shaan! That’s the whole story is about..poor Mamta never had a clue about small screen and its trend to make the life of lead women miserable. Shaan made her cry bucketful ,as if she wasn't already pathetically glycerine drenched, as he doubted her for murdering him. Though his entry was different from the rest as he came face to face without any plastic surgery done - with a French beard with guitar in his hand singing..ek hasina thee, in starting itself .The Shaan stole the whole show with his look and TRP’s again benefitted. Though one can't help but think - how can one not recognise their own son/husband? Inevitably, the storymakers reached a creative saturation point and adopted another invention of small screen ..LEAP but failed miserably . This is the first show where Leap did not help , setting a record of its own !! Now show has ended but the memories of Shaan will always be fresh in people’s mind.

Anurag Basu...Kasuti Zindagi should apply for Guiness book of records as the show for killing their character maximum number of times and bringing them back later. God forbid when this show will be over !People might think that now they have moved a step further and killed a show, only to bring it back later . Anuraag Basu, a character which ruled the small screen for years, had been killed but came back as PM. Another speciality of this show - it loves short form for their characters PM, AB ,UD ,P2 and and so on.. like they are teaching kids alphabets. Now, when Prerna was getting married to another Zombie, I mean PM or AB ,her husband came back in nick of time very much like in Parvati or in Tulsi case..if you all notice, we are watching same story with different actors!

Mr.Rishabh Bajaj.... He and Anurag Basu always loved competing with each other. Whether it’s a case of winning over Prerna, their kids as to who belongs to whom , business rivalry of Kay and BTN channel or simply who will die more often. But here Mr.Bajaj has beaten his arch rival AB with a comfortable margin as he died Thrice already in the show just to come back later.Left us thinking if there is no other way to stretch the story except for turning it into a neverending halloween story. They tried to copy Mohabbatien movie and took a leap but when nothing worked they brought Mr.Bajaj back in the show.Kasauti has set a record in many fields. Apart from killing and giving life to their characters, they took leap maximum number of times as well , have plastic surgery done on one of their nothing is left for them. They have reached a Dead End and Mr.Bajaj re-entry could be the very Last straw!

Bani Walia: Another character which went the zombie way just to jack up the TRP. Simple and charming, Bani Walia ruled the roost and then incurred the wrath of her own jealous sister. So far so good. Then, the creatives ran out of ideas. So went Bani the morgue way to come back as Durga, out from asylum and vowing to finish off her once beloved husband and his family. Yet once the time came, her only concern seemed to get back her kids, and then fom there, who to marry - Jai or Aparajit Deb, the man who saved her from the asylum. So back from the dead, only to come back to square one. The stories truly do not seem to inch away from the deathly hallows, ever !

Sujal Garewal : A Character which would go down in the history of Indian television as the most successful romantic lead and the most unsuccessful Zombie of Television ever. The charisma ,the charm which the original Sujal had brought to the show could never be replaced. This particular plastic surgery did not go down well with the audiences and they always craved for original Sujal. When Sujal died in the show we all knew he would come back as by then, we already had many cases of dying and coming back already registered on Television. But this time, people refused to accept the replacement, and kept waiting for the original to come back, to recreate the original magic of Sujal and Kasshish and when they did not get it, the show ended as all the tricks to get the TRP’s did not work in this case - be it the obsession of a real sister or a murder mystery nothing worked for Kahin to hoga..proving quite emphatically that zombies look good only on halloween!

Kumkum..... the lastest name or victim, joining the bandwagon of dying and coming back, is Kumkum . She supposedly died in the show for her family but for audiences she is still alive!
And now she is back to Wadhwa household and fighting for her family as they have been thrown from Wadhwa house again..A prime example of reviving a plot already beaten to death !

If Someone Dies in the Daily Soap Please look for these options:
1.They will be back. The timing will just around when their better halves are either falling in love or getting married to someone else, most probably with their friend,colleague or a business rival.
2.They will be back "Partially" - means either with memory loss or with different face post Plastic surgery.
3.No matter what grudges and bitterness they carry , they ususally end up loving their better halves all over again .

If you all notice one thing in all the Daily Soap, they show the same story and use the same plot like killing, leap, sister’s obsession and memory loss and we enjoy same thing with different actors ! The recent Victim of this plot are Shourya of Parivaar ,Pravena of Baa Bahu aur Baby, Shiv of Karam Apna Apna and Ranuak of Kasturi. So Dont worry, all avid watchers and die hard fans, they all will be back in one way or the other and always think twice before mourning over their death, as our serial makers love celebrating Halloween. Happy Halloween to all!!

Concept : Nishtha
picture credit: Shagun

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live_life 15 years ago jeez....if ppl haven't even seen his acting why are they already callin him flop???....he is supercute n makes a adorable couple with sonam....cant wait to watch saawariya
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ksang_gal 15 years ago Ranbir's so cute..waiting for saawariya to release..and love sonam kapoor too..
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remix_ananya 15 years ago its gr8!!!!! nd actually its true.......dey all r zombies......

i mean its actually getting pathetic to see d same tracks again nd again in d same serial sumtimes d husband dies nd sumtime d wife dies....its all crap!!!!
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Shazia_haya 15 years ago hey what about Shaksham from Kasauti...I'm awaiting his return....and hmm...I doubt if Parveena will be back....thought Baa Bahu aur Baby is a setial but it's not a Balaji I'm not sure if she's going to be back.....but yah...I'm wondering what happened to the 2o days thing....coz whne Shaksham died I read in a few articles that he'll be back within 20 days....well was there a mistake there, was it supposed to be 20 months instead.....or is it opposite...what I mean is that...wehn a person dies in a balaji show, he or she returns....though we hope for their return and all....we are mostly only informed a few days before they are to be back in the show.....but for Shaksham...when he died....we read in articles straightaway that he'll be back in 20 is it that's why he's not returning yet......................oh gosh I feel like I've confused u all.....I actually confuse ppl a lot by my writing but this time is espcially coz I wnated to comment but at the same time I'm in a hurry as it's alreday 10:20 pm here in hk right now.....and I have to go throgh a chemistry chapter...actually 3 chapters....I have a test tomorrow...I'v studied one alreday....2 more left....well okay I thing I better stop.....
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diyafah 15 years ago Oh My gosh..Great article!![=))]'s truly predicatable about it..and if u c most of dem r frm Ekta's land!!!:P
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*sowmya* 15 years ago Excellent article..1000% true abut Sujal...rajeev is the best..he rocks...he is ir-replacable...he is the only Sujal
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eternal 15 years ago lol that was hilarious and absolutely true

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TiaMaria93 15 years ago hehehehehhe --so 100% true. this was a nice special! hehehe


Tiff xoxo
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Fazila~ 15 years ago lol.. excellent post... all ghosts walking back home from dead........very funny but so true... and its impossible......i dont know how ppl can accept this crap...
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*sweet-soni* 15 years ago lol.... wahoo baniii aka prachii lol.. tfs
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