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"Dead bodies have become best selling, Ruining India's image": Kangana warns people crying to foreign daddies

Kangana Ranaut has warned people who 'cry about India' to 'foreign daddies' amid COVID wave: "Your time is up..."

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Kangana Ranaut angry

Kangana Ranaut took to social media to share a new video warning against people who are trying to hurt the image of the nation internationally amid the COVID 19 second wave. The Thalaivi star voiced her thoughts over it sternly.

The actress has been sharing her take on the COVID 19 situation in India. Now, the Thalaivi star has shared a video message for people who have been crying about India's COVID situation internationally and issued a stern warning to stop.

The star took to social media to share a video in which she is seen sitting at her house and expressing her concerns over how other countries are reacting to India's second covid wave.

Taking to Twitter, Kangana shared a video and wrote, "Please watch warning to all those who are going to their foreign daddies to cry about India.... your time is up .."

In the video, the Thalaivi actress talks about how photos of corpses burning at cremations landed up on an international magazine.

She expressed her discontentment about the same and further questioned why leaders of other nations like Italy, the US and more were not called out when their countries were tackling the COVID waves. With the video, Kangana sent out a strong message to all talking about India internationally.

Kangana Ranaut

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RUSmart 4 days ago I dont know why you give importance to this mad woman. People should really boycott her and her movies.
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Funny29 5 days ago is the woman practicing for a new lead role in a movie or what is this. can't the woman finally shut up for once. No one is interested (except her blind fans) in what the woman says, thinks or does. People (fans) say the woman is smart and intelligent,the joke is the woman didn't realize how ridiculous she is until now. 🤦‍♀️
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Guneet80 5 days ago She has crossed all the limits. Ab toh hadd hi ho gai
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ChickenSoup 5 days ago She’s mentally ill. Someone please put her in a psychiatric ward.
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Mangs1303 5 days ago Look who's talking.The opportunist who will use anyone, dead or alive, to prolong her 15 minutes of fame. Vomitworthy.
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-SilverAngel- 5 days ago Some people just have tongues and NOT any brains. Lack of this combination results in bimbos like KR who are worried about 'image' more than people actually losing their lives. Real people having real problems is not what concerns her. She has become a megalomaniac as she is a celebrity/ influencer having an opinion on everything and charges up to create controversies and problems when she should just focus on her own work. If all she cares about is image then imagine all the fakeness she must've created around her to show herself as an upstanding citizen. Don't know why IF and other authors write so many articles about her. Dishing out a high pay rate to authors. Wish she would just stay quiet.
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YehRashiThi 5 days ago Disi gharse bahar niklo footpath peh bhi lash hi lash dikhenge... instead of running away from problems, face it and solve it and make an example. Yes it was our fault we give more priorities to kumbh and rallies.. that’s why everyone including Indians are questioning the government
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Ktptalks 5 days ago Is this woman insane? There are people who are getting covid-19...there are people who are one is destroying india image...india forever will be a beautiful country but yes its run by people who are not cut out to do the job...instead of helping she is making stupid statements as usual
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RosyRosh 5 days ago Is she f*** stupid? Shea concerned with ruining an image? ITS BLOODY REALITY YOU DUNCE. help mangoge toh chote nahi ho joenge. This woman is the height. Modi's chamchi.
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pyar-ishk 5 days ago Kangana the Most Beautiful Thing you can do right is shut the Hell Up Forever. People are dying in the freaking street and their are Political parties having campaign rallies and telling people to go vote. And your simple brain is worried about image. Girl Bye
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