Daya Shetty dons a new look in SAB TV's Gutr Gu..

Daya Shetty of CID Fame will be seen in a new avatar in SAB TV's silent comedy produced by Fireworks Productions, Gutr Gu.

Daya Shetty has carved a niche for himself after essaying the role of Daya in Fireworks Productions' long running show on Sony, CID. Now the talented actor will be seen in a new look in the same production house's first ever silent comedy on television to be launched on SAB TV, Gutr Gu.

From catching criminals to playing a bully, Daya has done it all in CID. But now, the actor is very much excited as he gets a chance to portray his role only thro' expressions in the new show. Talking about his role in Gutr Gu, Daya says, "The personality I have suits the character that I essay in Gutr Gu. I play the neighbour of the lead guy played by Sunil Grover. I am very much fascinated by bikes, and I leave no opportunity to harass the male lead. Giving proper expressions to situations without delivering any dialogues is the biggest challenge I face with this show. But I am into the learning process, and am happy to be part of the team".

Ask him about the home work that he needed to do for the role and he says, "I never do any home work, because if you get to the shoot spot with a pre-conceived notion on how you will enact the scene, and if the Director or anyone in the unit tries to give their tips to how you need to do the scene, all thoughts gets jumbled up in mind. So I always prefer to go to the shoot with a clear mind".

Talking about the success that CID has got, Daya states, "The show is blessed with some kind of power that keeps the audience connected to the show. There are so many kids who are great fans of the show. Television is a very tricky medium, and there are shows which have started well, but have not lasted in the long run. But the manner in which CID has held on is really commendable. We are like one big family, and we miss each other when we are away and not shooting".

Lastly Daya wishes that his fans accept him in his new look in the new show Gutr Gu which launches on March 5th, at 8.30 PM and will be aired on Fridays.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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i dnt thnk so its a real DAYA...:-)dat means it provs daya plays not a simply fair its jst outstanding performance....its mainly suit CID character...n dats y realy lyks him...the best 1 persnality..D 1 & ONLY DYNAMITE ...CORRECT.??


14 years ago

great ! to know abt the new look and the new show i am a huge fan of u and all the members of the C.I.D team my best wishes are always with u may this show also gets success like C.I.D

14 years ago

oh daya u look just like a hollywood hunk....keep rockin my heart!!!!!!!!!love u

14 years ago

oh, wow, thats a change. Love your acting in CID, good luck for your new show

14 years ago

oh woww.. he is in a new show nd whatta role.. tooo different frm CID will defiinitly watch it.. all d best to him :) :)

14 years ago


14 years ago

Hey please dont give ur name as Daya Shetty! it seems odd. Dayanand Shetty is just perrfect! n Thanks Telly Buzz :D aww i cant w8 to watch~!!!:D

14 years ago

wow daya in a new show wid a new look all d best 2 him

14 years ago

O God Daya Sir is in a new avatar! He is looking cool in this look too. He is amazing. I like him in any look any character. I wish he shone in this show along with CID.

14 years ago

woow good to see Daya ji in a new show.....hope he keeps breaking more and more doors

Daya darwaza tod do

14 years ago

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