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Dance Till You Drop Dead!!

Jhalak participants are sweating it out to give their best shot.. We talk to them about their experiences and comfort level while dancing and much more...

Published: Thursday,Oct 11, 2007 14:27 PM GMT-06:00
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Dance is nothing but letting go of your inhibitions and being free. This is one maxim that all the 11 remaining star partners of the Jhalak jodis are learning the hard way. They need to be felicitated for taking the risk. Remember, not all are professional dancers here. Telly Buzz caught up with all of them in an attempt to see what goes on in their minds, as they hit the dance floor.

Ronit Roy:

Dance Till You Drop Dead!!
Playing the characters of Rishabh Bajaj and Mihir Virani has made this 42 year bong a Super Hero of the idiot box. Who would have thought that this same guy had to endure the agony of bollywood failure, before lady luck finally smiled?

The toughest dance form according to you?: Indian,there are so many variations, that you constantly need to innovate.

Is it a plus having a brother as the anchor?: Its always good to have someone from your family around When I perform well, Rohit applauds the maximum but when I err, he goes all out with criticism as well.

Your take on competition?: I would say that Prachi dances very well. Tapur is coming up to speed as well.

Message to your fans: I will try my best. Guys please keep supporting me as you always have.

Sandhya Mridul:

Dance Till You Drop Dead!!
This bubbly and exuberant girl has played a wide variety of roles in TV. From the suffering bahu in Koshish to the completely opposite natured twin in Hu ba Hu. Tired of fiction, she did Fear Factor and Extra Inning as well. Of late, bollywood has been the new calling card of Sandy, who recently appeared in Honey Moon Travels. Her other films include Kuch Mitha Ho Jaye, Page 3 etc .

Experience doing Jhalak : Superb, I am having a whale of time.

Your take on learning various dance forms : Tell me about it, my entire body is aching. I am coming to know of body parts which I did not even know existed.

Dance form that you love the most: Nothing can beat the Jhatke Matke Ishtyle of Bollywood.

Will you dance now in future films? : Why not? Honestly up to now, I would shudder at the mere mention of the word dance. Now, give me any step and I am game.

Your views on the 3 judges: Urmila is balanced in all her comments. Shiamak has got a hawk's eye for detail. While Jeetu uncle is a sweet heart. He always has a word of encouragement for everybody.

Sonali Kulkarni:

Dance Till You Drop Dead!!
This Maharastrian mulgi has impressed you with performances in Dayra, Taxi no 9211 and Dil Chahta Hai. Besides cinema, Sonali is a versatile stage actress as well. A hidden fact of this talented actress is that she works with handicapped children.

U are a trained classical dancer, does this benefit?: On the contrary, it's a disadvantage, Indian and Latin dance forms are poles apart from each other . So I have to unlearn all what I know and start afresh.

The toughest part of this competition is?: Not the dancing, but waiting for the name of the disqualified jodi. At times they really overstretch the elimination part, it makes me go nuts.

You entered Jhalak because: This is something completely different. I always like to push the envelope. Besides Jhalak gives the audiences a glimpse into the real Sonali.

Your comments on your choreographer, having partnered last year’s winner: Having Toby as my dance partner is excellent. But it raises the bar as well. We both are working that extra yard in order to fulfill the increased expectations.

Mini Mathur:

Dance Till You Drop Dead!!
Full kudos to this self confessed best anchor of Indian television to try her hand at a new craft. Besides all seasons of IlI, Mini has hosted Popcorn, Tol Mol Ke etc This better half of Kabul express director Kabir Khan has also produced two documentaries(A nation celebrates and From corner shop to Lords) to showcase India and Indians to the world.

Anchoring or Dancing, choose the tougher one: Jhalak is far easier for here, I just dance and go home. While in Idol, it was my responsibility to make sure the show flow was going in a correct direction.

Any tips to Mona and Rohit?: No both are doing a fine job. But yes, if I would have been in their place, I might have handled things differently.

Any fear of early elimination: Arre, I just want to have fun. It makes no sense in turning the competition into a life and death situation. I will do my best, but even then if the judges and audiences think its time for me to go, so be it!

Can dancing be learnt?: You only need basic rhythm, the rest can be mastered.

Prachi Desai:

Dance Till You Drop Dead!!
Prachi Desai better known as Bani of Kasamh Se, has become a role model to many traditional Indian girls. Besides acting, this cute gujju enjoys sports, listening to music and sketching.

Being away from serials, your experience in Jhalak: Dancing is my life. Out here, I am a free bird. There is no one to tell you anything. It is pure joy and fun.

Your take on your co-actor Ronit being a competitor here: He is a great guy. We have oodles of fun. . I only hope as the show progresses, all of us continue to enjoy it.

The difficult moment you have had so far in Jhalak: Was getting rid of stage fright. You should have seen me before, in the first round, I was shaking like a leaf. Thank god I am way past that now.

Well Friends, we hope you enjoyed this 'Jhalak' into the thoughts of your favorite contestants of Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Please make sure you check this space for the 2nd part of this series, coming soon.

Reporter: Anil Merani, Minnie Gupta
Author: Anil Merani

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