Dance Plus 3 winner Bir Radha Sherpa expresses frustration at not receiving any calls for opportunities

Bir Radha Sherpa's poignant words conveyed his frustration at not receiving a single call for opportunities, contrasting with others who, in his view, continue to receive more and more.

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Dance + Pro

From the inception of Dance Plus, the show has carved a special niche for itself, emerging as one of India's most beloved dance reality shows. The anticipation has now reached a new high with the announcement of the latest season, Dance + Pro.

The dynamic camaraderie between Remo Dsouza and the other captains, namely Shakti Mohan, Punit Pathak, and Rahul Shetty, promises to keep audiences glued to their screens. All eyes are on the show, with speculations about the host creating a buzz. The question looms: if not Raghav Juyal, then who will host the upcoming season?

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Putting all speculations to rest, Tushar Shetty, along with the talented Sushant Khatri, revealed in a recent post that they will be the faces hosting Dance Plus Pro. The announcement has sparked excitement among the audience, eager to witness the duo's hosting prowess. However, amidst the excitement, a shadow of disappointment emerged as former contestant and winner of Dance Plus Season 3, Bir Radha Sherpa, expressed his feelings on the matter.

Sharing a screenshot from the current host's post, Bir Radha Sherpa underscored his achievements, stating that he had triumphed over every challenge, breaking bones and dedicating 12 years of struggle to his craft. His poignant words conveyed his frustration at not receiving a single call for opportunities, contrasting with others who, in his view, continue to receive more and more. Ending on a determined note, he asserted his resilience, proclaiming, "I will be back soon. Glory to Mahadev."

Hailing from Silchar, the exceptionally talented Bir has repeatedly captivated audiences with his unique fusion of b-boying and contemporary dance styles. His performances have been nothing short of stupendous, showcasing a remarkable blend of athleticism and artistic expression. The judges were consistently impressed by his dazzling and unwavering displays of skill.

During his journey on the show, Bir was a prominent member of Punit Pathak's gang, where his commitment and creativity shone through. Beyond the confines of Dance Plus, it's noteworthy that Bir had previously participated in Dance India Dance, adding another feather to his cap in the realm of dance competitions. His versatility and ability to seamlessly blend different dance forms have made him a standout performer, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of both judges and viewers alike.

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just because you have a fancy resume and went to prestigious university doesn't land you a job, you have to work hard for it and not sit and wait.

2 months ago

just because you win something doesnt mean it gives you any reputation, this has to be built. These people think opportunities are only in Bollywood thats why they struggle. Why dont you join a regular dance academy or even start something of your own with the winning amount??

2 months ago

Life is a struggle , very few lucky ones get everything served to them on a platter.

2 months ago

Well remo isn't backing u

2 months ago

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