Dance on four legs..

Sony's Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega will see Rahul Mane attempting a dance on four legs..

Rahul Mane, the 17- year old news paper seller from Pune has one passion in life and that is dancing!!

The young lad showcased his amazing talent on the stage of Sony's Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega this Wednesday that earned him all the applause from the judges, especially Farah Khan.

According to our source, "Rahul did a unique act by attaching two artificial legs and danced like a four-legged dancer. He used his hands to move the artificial legs, and performed amazingly well on the number 'Main Aisa Kyu Hoon'. Farah Khan was so impressed by the act that she requested the boys' parents to support him and let him pursue his career in dance".

Catch this unique four- legged dance on Entertainment Ke Liye- Kuch Bhi Karega this Wednesday, June 10 at 10.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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Farah Khan

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Even COLORS channel is starting a similar show call India's got Talent !!!

14 years ago

izz diss show suppose2 be lykk britainz got talent???!

14 years ago

i rreelllyy like dis show.... ssoo different cOncepptt.. ;--)

14 years ago

That's great!
Will watch it definitely

14 years ago

mindblowing yaar seriously i really like this n cant wait too see this performance

14 years ago

No dear
u got it wrong
the judges r pathetic not the show!
The show truly has STUPENDOUS participants but with some exceptions.

14 years ago

this is a pathetic show because of Anu malik and farah khan!!!

14 years ago

amir is imran's uncle....obviously they will joke around
nd like evrybod is saying....thats not imrans pic

15 years ago

uhhhh..dats not imraan LOL...
he's sumeone else hehehe
buh he sure has gutts man!
i can' never say things like dat bout my'll kill me

15 years ago

I am sorry but i dont believe this article...

And the picture is of some random guy!!

India-Forums if you dont mind could you please remove the article..

15 years ago

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