Dance India Dance Goes International

The second season of Dance India Dance produced by The Right Pictures goes international…

The first season of Dance India Dance was a sure shot success and all efforts to provide the viewers great entertainment in its second season is on.

This year Dance India Dance will be produced by The Right Picture (TRP) which is partnered by Harbhajan Singh.

Unlike last year the makers have organized auditions on an international platform for the second season.

Confirming this news Aashish Golwalkar, non-fiction head, Zee says, "Last year we saw aspirants from abroad come to India for auditions. This time around we planned auditions abroad in an organized way and contestants from USA, UK and Dubai have been short listed."

The first phase auditions are over and Dance India Dance Season 2 is entering its mega audition phase wherein from the 100+ contestants, the best 18 will be chosen.

Zee's Dance India Dance launches on Zee TV on December 18.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Dance India Dance Season 2

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Comments (11)

i second the comment below. what about canada?

14 years ago

thats great.. there are some amazingly talented indian dancers aborad! should be fun to watch!

i wish they came to my country :( i'd surely try out! just to see terrence ;]

14 years ago

ohhh..i kno this guy who got selected in DID...from CA...he's going to india!!...

14 years ago

pshaw....any sytycd franchise can wipe the floor with DID...the major problem with DID is the extra drama and baggage they carry...the fact that the choreographers try to choreograph styles they know nothing about...and also the fact that the judges try to one up each other so much that they physically hurt the its not stunt india stunt....this show is far from the best show...maybe in the perspective of brown shows in general...its up there...but it still has a loooooooooong way to go...k im ready for the badmouthing now

14 years ago

i cant wait for it to start dec is tooo far

14 years ago



14 years ago

even m excited.......just can;t wait for d second season

14 years ago

sooo excited.DID rocked! i'm sure DID 2 will be great as well

14 years ago

dance india dance is getting more exciting day by day!
it's th best dance show ever.

14 years ago

thts awesome..this show rocks..brings out new talent

14 years ago

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