Daksh and Abhi to propose Naina in Sapnon Se Bhari Naina

Daksh and Abhi ready to speak their hearts out in Star Plus' Sapnon Se Bhare Naina...

The Maha Episode of Star Plus' Sapnon Se Bhare Naina, produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms will have an interesting twist wherein both Daksh (Gaurav Bajaj) and Abhimanyu (Karan Sharma) will ready themselves to propose Naina (Parvati Vaze).

A little birdie tells us, "It is a very happy occasion in the house with Daksh's Baba and Aai celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. A song and dance program on retro songs has been organized by Abhi and Naina. There will be lot of fun moments in the midst of which Abhi plans to propose Naina. He has slowly fallen in love with the girl and wants to speak his heart out. At the same time, Daksh who has been silently loving Naina gathers all courage to propose the girl he loves".

There will be an interesting twist when Abhi does succeed in proposing Naina , and Daksh stands as a mere spectator.

Will Daksh gather courage and talk to Naina about his feelings even after this?

Catch the Maha Episode this Sunday, 15th May on Star Plus..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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Tressa 9 years ago kkk... Im confused... Lets c where d show goes ahead..
kashisthebest 9 years ago hey abhi was in the show 2 bring naina and daksh closer he was meant 2 act as an catalyst 4 daksh and naina hated wen he proposed naina
Parvin86 9 years ago I'm sure I read somewhere that Abhi's character is like that of Akshay Kumar in Mujhse shaadi karoge, so he is probably just faking feelings for Naina so Daksh finally admits his feelings to her.
I'm sure Daksh & Naina will end up together!
-Wanderer- 9 years ago Thank you for the article..SSBN rocks!!2011-05-13 04:57:56
cute_san17 9 years ago watever myt be the twist
i knw at end daksh is gonna be oly naina's :P
luv you dakshNa :*
pravschills 9 years ago sorry! but really. that's my opinion. No offence to anyone.
416905 9 years ago wth?! I thought Abhie knew how Daksh felt ... wow!
smilee17 9 years ago shit man !!!
i knew this would
my poor daksh :( god knws whether he will ever confess his love for naina after seeing this
waiting for maha episode
bt why is'nt the promo out ???
Hope Daksh talks about his feelings for her.Luv dakshana,they ook lovely together.

Yashh... 9 years ago ohhh...so sad
y is this happening????
Daksh n Naina r so gud togeteh...y is Abhi cuming in btwn them
n shiittt!!!! he proposed her ffrst Unhappy...but I hope she says no to him Big smile
jeniluvmayur 9 years ago daksh and naina... !they make a perfect pair...!
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