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Dadi to continue with her tactics amid Makar Sankranti celebrations!

An interesting drama is coming up in Suhani Si Ek Ladki.

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Star Plus' Suhani Si Ek Ladki is becoming more interesting with each passing day as the love triangle between Yuvraj (Sahil Mehta), Suhani (Rajshri Rani Pandey) and Soumya (Neha Yadav) is grabbing the attention of the masses.

Well in the upcoming episodes, Dadi will continue to create differences between Yuvraj and Suhani. Soon there will be Makar Sankranti celebrations in its upcoming episodes.

Our source informs us, "There will be a Makar Sankranti celebration where the the entire family will be seen performing puja and flying kites, they will be enjoying it to the core. Meanwhile Dadi will continue her tactics and will try to hurt Suhani a lot."

Will Yuvraj come to know about Dadi's tactics? Will he be able to save Suhani?

To know more stay tune to this space.

Aakruti Damani  


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c415868 5 years ago This content is hidden.
...Jes... 6 years ago Rajshri Randi Pandey and Sahil Mehta are doing amazing job!
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anita_m 6 years ago Tell the old witch to get a life--preferably in a far-away forest.
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BrownRevo 6 years ago @nsonia95 I completely agree.. Yuvi is a total dambu!! will resume watching once I get a Yuvani track! not interested in precious Yuvraj's antics! anyway watching suhani si ek ladki for yuvani only.. love u Rajshri Rani Pandey and Sahil Mehta..
dunno whats wrong with like button.. mast comments!
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nsonia95 6 years ago I'm sorry to say this but as much as I hate soumya, I'm starting to hate yuvraj's attitude as well.
He supposedly speaks the truth and can't stand lies etc etc...then why can't he defend himself and his wife? If he clearly says that now he's over Soumya why the hell doesn't he speak up?? Okay he doesn't love Suhani...but he should make it clear that he's not going to go back to that selfish witch soumya.
First he never spoke up for Suhani when Dadi insults her infront of everyone...and now he's even scared to speak infront of a guest!!! (soumya)
What a scary cat!
Dadi please first take a look in the mirror. U think suhani is not beautiful...but atleast she's got a golden heart (and I think shes's gorgeous). U don't even have a proper face to show, nor heart to feel, and definitely no brains to use! So stop trying...better go to some theerth yatra! It suits you more.2015-01-15 12:53:38
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mohishna 6 years ago Rajshri Rani Pandey u r jsut amqazinggg actress... plzz writers stop that bullshits n show us romance between suhani n yuraj,,,,,,,
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shreepatil. 6 years ago l u suhani aka rajashree. she is the best . i dn't like somya and yuvraj. yuvraj is always fool. i like another actor like sharadh, yuvraj mom and brothers and suhani's family.
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sandiab 6 years ago Rajshri Rani Pandey
Sahil Mehta
lovely pair...CVs focus on their characters more we fans are tired of seeing that lesbian jodi souyma and dadi their faces are like vomit. I cnt wait for some1 to spit on them both are shameless woman
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yusu1993 6 years ago Rajshri rani pandey and sahil mehta are great together . Hopeless dadi should die
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yanks28 6 years ago Rajshri Rani Pandey
Sahil Mehta

lovely pair...CVs focus on their characters...
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