Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi: Ankush Discloses Arya's Blood Relation to Family Amidst Media Inquiry

In the episode of sony TV's show Dabangii tonight, Ankush will be seen disclosing Arya's blood relation to the family amidst media inquiry.

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Sony Entertainment Television, known for its commitment to diverse storytelling and compelling characters, is ready to introduce viewers to 'Dabangii - Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi.' This exciting series follows Arya, a bold and determined young woman on a quest to find her father, Satya, whom she believes to be a supercop away on a secret mission. In the previous episode, viewers witnessed Arya tries to escape from the house and happens to clash into Satya. 

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In the riveting December 7th, 2023 episode, During a party at Satya's place, Satya and Kasturi conspire to unveil Arya's true identity. When media inquiries about Arya's father, Ankush intervenes, shielding Arya from the scrutiny. As the media persists, Ankush, on the brink of anger, declares Arya as a part of their family with a shared blood relation, unwittingly playing into Satya and Kasturi's successful plan, leaving Bela visibly emotional.

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