Dabangii Mulgi set for a leap, Aamir Dalvi talks about the unexpected change

Aamir Dalvi, currently seen as Satya in Sony TV's Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi, shared details about the Leap

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Aamir Dalvi

Sony TV's Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi is all set to leap. The show produced by Nilanjana Puryakasstha and Herumb Khot's Invictus T Mediaworks has actors Maahi Bhadra, Manav Gohil, Aamir Dalvi, Sai Deodhar, Asawari Joshi, Himani Chawla and Yashashri Masurkar playing prime roles.

Aamir Dalvi, currently seen as Satya in Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi, shared details about the Leap. The actor expressed sentiments about the unexpected timing of the Leap, acknowledging the need for change in the narrative. He said, "Yes, the show Leap is slated to happen soon. It's a change too soon. We expected this, but not so soon. We need to serve what is required, and this seems to be the need of the hour; the Leap has been preponed, and now, with the kids being shown as grown, I am assuming the scope of interpersonal drama increases manifold as there is more given and-take between actors vis a vis scenes. Change is a constant and a development. I am looking forward to it. I wish it would have happened later, but we are here to entertain, and what's required right now is the Leap."

Aamir confirmed their continued involvement in the show post-leap, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the character dynamics and the challenge that comes with it." Yes, I am very much a part of this show..there is no huge deciding factor as such...as long my dynamics in terms of the character I portray and what I bring to the table strongly do not change, and I am challenged as much to play a part in the game.

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Technically, we are going to show kids who are grown-ups now. I anyway have a daughter who is 19, so I love the equation I share at home, which will now show on screen". 

Aamir also shared about his rapport with Manav Gohil, an integral part of the show playing the role of one of the brothers. Praising Gohil's professionalism and expertise, the actor highlighted the similarities in their work ethics, describing the experience of working together as enjoyable." Manav is an integral part of the show about two brothers. My equation with him comes from years earlier. I have known him for the longest time, but I am working with him for the very first time..he knows his job well and is so professional, and we both love our job of creating magic on screen. He is very calm, collected, and cool, and we are quite similar in our work ethics. It's a  lot of fun working with him."

Beyond acting, Aamir even revealed their passions for racing motorcycles and riding dirt bikes, "Racing motorcycles and riding dirt bikes. If racing paid me as well as acting does, I would have chosen the former.

I love photography and take this professionally, too, but it's mainly for those I know closely. So these two are my passions".

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Knew it will happen but wasn't expecting leap this soon. Going to miss little Arya.

22 days ago

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