Critical Review of SRGMP 8th and 9th June

Check the Review of this week's Episodes of SRGMp which was filled with music, melody, emotion, drama and some great moments.

The themes for this week were - HR special and Mahaguru’s special respectively for the two days. We heard some of the good compositions of Himesh Reshamiya and the Mahagurus and they sure added to the tempo of the show. As we know anything free is worth having and Friday Himesh got the free license, this time to sing almost every song of his that the contestants sung. Rajesh Roshan was a little more forthcoming with his comments, but he still has not given any good advice to the participants on how to improve. Khayyam saab is still the same, providing the “Xerox Copies” of the other mentor’s comments.

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Performance wise, the contestants are improving and we got to see some really good performances. Friday’s show stealers were Junaid, Musarrat, Saberi and Poonam. On Himesh’s request, Junaid made ID dance to his tunes and what a cute dance that was! The ones who failed miserably were Brijesh, Anita and the viewers and mentors favorite Mouli! Poonam and Mussarat made it to the Agnipareekhsha round while Anita and Brijesh got eliminated.

Anita atleast has a valid reason of not being 100% well, but what happened to Mouli? It seems she is proving to be a one time, one song hit. Again this week both her performances were not upto the mark. Infact her performance on Saturday was below par when compared to Anita. But looks like the “Mouli Magic” after her repeat performance of Maiya Maiya worked on this round’s judges too and she was into the next round.

Vishal-Shekhar decided to follow the same path as their co-mentors and offered Junaid and Saberi singing contracts. How can the show end without some spat between Vishal and Himesh. Again Vishal took up the versatility issue after Mouli’s performance. But it was interesting to note the advice given by Vishal to Mouli. According to him, Mouli should sing songs with tempo. Now I fail to understand why he was objecting to Himesh’s view point that only fast numbers suit Mouli and she should stick to that!! Also he indirectly said the same thing now that she should stick to one genre of songs that suits her. When they are both saying the same thing, then what is the debate on versatility about?

The week also showed too much of emotional angle in the show. Started with Himesh, then Poonam and finally ended at Brijesh’s life. With Bipin Reshamiya as the guest on Friday many new facts on the face behind the “Topi” got revealed to the viewers. It told the viewers why this Face behind “Topi” was always fighting for not just his own but other’s “Roti” too.

Overall, a very enjoyable week it has been.

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Rajesh Roshan

Comments (4)

woah! he loves films!

TFS! i always forget his name.. but his acting is really good.. ill never forget his name now! :D

Henna x

16 years ago

Good review of saregamapa this week- well deserved....singing was up to the mark

16 years ago

I agree that Vishal and Himesh were actually agreeing to the same viewpoint about singer singing the particular genre of songs....
BUT Vishal had put another point that did not come thru this review.....
He was saying, if a singer is good at 'one' particular genre, then is he/she be singing the same kind of songs thru'out the competition and be judged on that basis only?.....
In his opinion they need to find a versatile singer as WINNER instead of a 'genre-mastered' singer. And to prove that they are versatile, the singers need to sing different kinds of songs 'in the competition' at least.

16 years ago

i ejoyed reading your review!!
good work!!!!!!!!!!
keep it up

16 years ago

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