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Critical Review of Reality Shows this week!

The expectations of the viewers are high as all the three reality shows have now entered into the final phase with the top contestants giving their best. Check out the Critical Analysis to know more!

Published: Monday,Aug 06, 2007 13:46 PM GMT-06:00
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Watching these shows, though most of the time we get satisfied, there are also times when the viewers get disappointed. Such was the case of SRGMP show this week. Friday’s episode was so disappointing that none of the viewers enjoyed watching the show where the major disappointment came from the song selection by the participants. If they don’t select a song that is common among the viewers, the connection with the viewers is totally lost and they stop enjoying the show. It was sad songs theme but instead of the songs, it was the performance itself that brought the sadness among the viewers. This continued on Saturday where barring few contestants like Poonam, Amanat, Sumedha and Mussarat, others failed to give their best. Drama has now become part of every Saregamapa episode. Even if there is no subject, the mentors Himesh and Ismail bring in old subject of C2005 and just changing the names of the contestants. If it was Vinit’s love story in C2005, it is now for a difference Amanat, Aneek's triangular love story. And what to say about repeated reminder of vote from Assam for Joy. Is such drama required for a musical show? The viewers are now getting more annoyed with the same old subject bring brought in again.

The disparity between the judges is now part of all the shows with Annu Malek leading the team. It has now become his habit to disagree with everyone. He makes it a point that none of them argues with him on his opinion and even if they do, his harsh tone of voice suppresses the other judges. When is he going to change this attitude of his? If this is the case in Indian Idol then SVOI is also not far behind. On one hand Abhijit is hardly giving them any marks while Jatin just to show his impartiality is giving very high ratings for every performance. How can the SRGMP Guru’s stay behind!! Bappida was found always awarding very less marks to other gharana contestants followed by his Xerox-Copy comment – “There was problem in your lower notes.” On the other hand Ismail Durbar’s Gurugraph never sees the lower notes.

The hype for contestants has still not stopped in the shows. The contestant Mauli in SRGMP is now being hyped too much while in SVOI the hype is shifted to Aabhas. Mauli gets a watch for getting highest votes (Incidentally it was not given to Raja who got highest votes for three week in running) and Aabhas is given a Dairy Milk Chocolate for performing so well while others who also performed well, were not given any appreciation. Why is such hype for the contestants? But an interesting point to note here is while SVOI is sponsored by Amul, Abbhas gets the Cadbury chocolate.Interesting – Isn’t It?? ;)

We are again getting to see the true color of public voting. Though the deserving contestants are getting through to the next round, still the Bottom 3 or 4 contestants are one of the top performers in the show. This is being seen in all the 3 shows. Amanat in SRGMP getting in bottom 3, Emon and Puja getting in bottom 4 in Indian Idol, Aabhas and Ashpreet getting in bottom 4 in SVOI are the examples of how the public voting can cause serious damage to the talent in the later stages. Hope from next time, we don’t get to see some shockers in results like this week and May the best one win!!

Author: Barnali

P.S. The opinions expressed in here is strictly those of the author. So for more information please contact the author only.

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§§§§ Natasha §§§§ @o|oNaTaShAo|o 16 years ago Wonderful article....keep up the good work
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Bansari @Bansari7 16 years ago why do people always bring my Vinit into everything?

anyway nice article
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Harman @Herman_4u 16 years ago about amant and aneek's love story i thought the same thing that whatever himesh told us about vinit he's saying the same thing here.
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Ammu @ammmu 16 years ago I'm also quite upset that Himesh and Ismail are giving 10/10's bindaas... for almost every contestant, or atleast the ones who are hyped up :S What happened to criticising and trying to improve? if you keep giving 10's, there is nothing to shoot for...

Thanks for the article Barnalidi, very good points...
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henna @~RexKiRani~ 16 years ago awesome article written i agree with each and every word saidddddd
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simz @live_life 16 years ago In SRGMP...I think the drama was no needed
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Nimra @coolsonu 16 years ago I am fed up of the arguments b/w the judges...they shud come up wid sumthing new now!!
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smallwonder @smallwonder 16 years ago ya that chocolate thing was so weird - no announcement, nothing - suddenly u find Shaan walking in with a 5 feet chocolate lolz... but on the whole, a great week for voi... thnx for the review...
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tina srestra @tina_sre 16 years ago Very well written....I too agree Mouli is hyped too much.
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kavmuks @kavmuks 16 years ago Agreed.

In AVOI.. the song selection according to the visiting celebrity is bringing the competition level down. Govinda's songs look good on screen and you can enjoy the songs (that to all some of them) only with video.
where is Aadesh now who made such a whoo-halla about singing Hari on hari.. song.

Why is Lalit irritated by Abhijit's marks who rarely gave more than 6 or 7 earlier? All judges are irritatingly loving to the candidates. May be they try to show that they are not like II3 judges. they have stopped telling their mistakes also.

In SRGMP Ismail Darbar jii is acting really funny. I had some respect for him during SRMP 2005 but now I feel he is too frustrated.

Now judges are asking for marks for their candidates from each other. : (

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