'Country of Blind' at the Oscars, Hina Khan says, "Fingers crossed for this to turn into a nomination"

Hina Khan expresses excitement for 'Country of Blind' at the Oscars while expressing pride in representing India on prestigious platforms.

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Hina Khan

The Hina Khan-starrer Country of Blind is among the various films in the nomination race for the Oscars this coming year. The film, based on the H.G. Wells novel, is a true cinematic experience. The story is based on 'Sightless' and their lives. The screenplay had been acquired by the Oscars Library in October 2023 to be a part of its permanent core collection. 

Recently, Christian Jeune, head of the Cannes Film Festival's film office, spoke highly about the film. In an official quote, he said, "The film Country of Blind is a spectacular adaptation of the H.G. Wells short story, proving this writing can match the cinematic vision of a contemporary filmmaker, wherever from the world he is."

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Sharing her excitement over this achievement, an ecstatic Hina Khan says, "Fingers crossed for this to turn into a nomination! I am extremely happy to see all the hard work pay off in such a special way. From Cannes to the Oscars, it’s been an exciting journey. This film has only garnered lots of love, and it is lovely to see an independent Indian production hitting such an amazing milestone! Being able to represent India on such prestigious platforms like Cannes and now the Oscars is truly a moment of pride for me and our entire film team."

Director Rahat Kazmi adds, "We have always prayed and manifested for this film to be a part of our lives. Our entire team has worked day and night to do justice to it. I am happy that prominent personalities like Golden Globe director and winner Siddiq Barmak and Cannes jury member Christian Jeune have praised the film so highly. This gives me and my partners a big boost as filmmakers to believe in our craft."

'Country of Blind' also stars Anushka Sen, Shoib Nikash Shah, Namita Lal, Inamulhaq, Pradyuman Singh Mall, and Jitendra Rai. The film was released in the USA in October across 14 theaters and received a lot of praise from the audience.

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