Countdown to Balaji's Global Indian TV Honours...

Balaji's Global Indian T.V Honours is happening today.. Read to know what the stars have to say about it...

The D-day has finally arrived!! As all eyes are eager to catch a glimpse of Ekta Kapoor's Global Indian Television Honours, the Telly Buzz team caught up with some of the nominees and members of Ekta clan to get their view on the awards ceremony..

Panchi Bora:

Are you shooting on the D-day too?

No, we are not shooting today. Ekta ma’am has given us a day of rest from shooting because of the awards ceremony.

What is your view on the Global Indian T.V Honors?

This award event is very special to all of us as this is the first time Balaji is conducting such an event. It feels great to be part of this huge Balaji team.

What about the nominations; who do think will win?

I really don’t know who is nominated so I cannot say who will win.

Are you performing?

No I am not performing this time.

How does it feel to be nominated? What are your chances of winning?

It feels really nice. As far as winning goes, does it matter? Getting nominated is in itself a huge achievement.

How does it feel to get nominated for a thriller role in between all the saas bahu nominations?

I actually feel proud. I am happy because this just goes to show how good and popular CID is. The serial has created a record of running non stop for the last 11 yrs. And in 2006 we shot an episode for 111 minutes without a cut making another record. It’s a nice feeling when your work is appreciated.


Mouni Roy:

How does it feel to be nominated for the Global Indian Television Honors?

It feels really nice because every time you get nominated for an award, you know that your work is being appreciated by the audience. And that is an exhilarating feeling.

What are your chances of winning the Best Couple?

Frankly I don’t think much about winning. If I win it will be great but even if I don’t its fine.

So are you performing for the ceremony?

No I won’t be performing in the show. I was busy with the shooting of the reality show Say Shava Shava and it just got over today.

Rajshri Thakur:

What’s your feeling on being nominated in the Global Indian T.V Honors?

I am thrilled that I am nominated by Balaji. It’s an honor given. I am more thrilled because I will be dancing with the Badshah of Bollywood, Sharukh Khan himself. It is every actress’s dream to perform with him and I am glad I am getting this opportunity at the Balaji Global Indian T.V Honors.

What are your chances of winning?

For me, being nominated is an achievement in itself. So even if I do not win today, I will be happy.

Are you upset that Nahar and Saloni’s jodi did not make it to the nominations?

No, I am not upset at all. We are appreciated by the audience as a jodi , and that is enough for me. In regards to the nominations, I really do not know the criteria on which they are based so I cannot comment on that.


How does it feel to have two nominations to your name?

Oh it feels great. I am quite thrilled and can’t wait for the event tonight.

So do you think you have chances of winning?

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. But I have a gut feeling that I will not win today. I think Gattu will win hands down.

Will you be performing at the show?

Yes. The opening act is mine, and I am glad that mine is the only solo performance. I will be performing on a medley of songs ranging from Bhool Bulaiyya to Nagada.

How does it feel to be part of the huge Balaji family?

It feels really great; I have been a part of this family for 7 long years now. I hope to keep this strong association going this year too and for a very long time in the future.


What do you feel about the Global Indian T.V Honors? Are you performing?

It’s a great concept. Yes I am performing. I will be dancing to Heyy Babby with Lara Dutta. It feels great because my record of dancing with girls will remain intact too. (Laughs)

And how does it feel being a part of Balaji; such a huge production house?

Oh it’s amazing to be a part of the Balaji family. And today the best part is that I will be performing for my own production home today.

Reporters: Barnali, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Melanie

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thanks but I am surprised there are no pictures of Prachi at the award funtion

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awards who cares..but stars we do..gr8 shahrukh,karan johar and our fav actors together cool....
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i don think this awards ceremony will be gud

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wow srk n lara dutta cumin in a balaji awards show!!!! lucky pplz here man

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which channel will this show be airing on??

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