Could only think of Ulka & Pravisht to play the lead roles: Banni Chow Home Delivery's producer Shashi Mittal

Shashi Mittal, producer of Star Plus show ‘Banni Chow Home Delivery’ talks about casting the actors for the show, the challenges to deliver something different and more.

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Shashi Mittal, Pravisht Mishra and Ulka Gupta

Star Plus is all set for one of the most awaited shows in the form of ‘Banni Chow Home Delivery’. The show stars’ actors like Pravisht Mishra and Ulka Gupta in lead roles alongside a set of seasoned actors. The show revolves around a passionate and hard-working girl Banni, who believes in doing her job with perfection. Banni’s life changes when she is asked to take care of Yohaan, who is specially-abled. Banni brings a ray of light, love and laughter in Yuvaan’s life.

India Forums got in touch with Shashi Mittal from Shashi Sumeet Productions and quizzed her about casting the lead pair in the show, she said, “Well when the show came up to me and I heard the characters, I could only think of Ulka Gupta and Pravisht Mishra as Banni and Yuvaan in the show. They were my first choice and when we narrated the script to both of them respectively, they find the story intriguing and a lot of scope of performances to their individual characters and that’s what drove them to be on board. And I must mention, they both have really worked hard to ace their parts in the project”.

We asked Mittal if she feels the pressure of making her shows survive as in this age of Television, shows gets axed every three months, she said, “Definitely, there’s a lot of pressure. If you don’t have the capabilities to deliver something unique and out of the box, you will be replaced in the blink of an eye. There’s a lot of competition with projects on so many new ideas and topics coming up. There’s a constant hustle which keeps us on our toes to experiment and deliver the content that’s enjoyed by the viewers”.

With multiple projects in her kitty, we asked Shashi how she manages to juggle between various shows that they’re producing, she said, “If you’re passionate and dedicated, you can surely multi-task. It is definitely difficult, but I pull it off, with the help of our talented teams”.

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Ulka Gupta

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Pravisht Mishra and Ulka Gupta are best for the roles ❤️

1 years ago

Ulka Gupta you are doing a fabulous job

2 years ago

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2 years ago

This show is different from current shows on air gives a good message

2 years ago

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