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Contest of the Week!

Do you need to check your eyes for free, then come participate in our Weekly contest! Spot the Difference and Spot your Eye Count too!!


Hello and Welcome friends with another week of Masti, Magic and dhamaal here on Telly Buzz at the Contest Corner!! Once again, we are back with a bang with ..Spot The difference! so It's time to test your eye scores and look closely to spot all the differences of this week!! However, before we proceed to this week's puzzle, lets have Last week's Contest Results and Winners :-

Answers of Last week contest was :

Sakshi Tanwar and Neha Mehta

and the Winners are:-

Ananya_A, babythatsme ,tumhari? ,Anchal-13

Congratulations to the Winners your Titles will be added soon!!

Now time has come for another contest over the weekend.. Till now, we just had a batting practice with all simple contests in Telly Buzz. Let us now get ready for tougher ones....Are you ready for the challenge, here it is..

Simply just start finding the 8 Differences between these two Pictures.
your entries to buzzingbees
TellyBuzz management team.
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Neha Mehta

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ShellyB 2007-09-21T10:25:51Z Oooooooooo cool yeah the dubbing artist voice is really nice she dubbed for neha bamb in KYPH really suited neha n i always recognise the dubbing artists voice, i always say o can u kripa's voice lolsssssss
damilola 2007-08-05T09:58:18Z nice game
already gave in my diferences
sarbeshnp 2007-08-05T06:55:32Z the eight diffrence r

that in first pic the guy is wearing watch, something in the right had and ear ring but in the second on he is not, also in the first one u cant c the word nike. On the second pic the house is cover more with the trees. ON the first pic the lady is wearing ear ring with the white bead at the end but in the second pic it's pink bead and in the second pic there are design on the lady's blouse. the last difference is that on the first pic, there is a dent in the chair next to the lady but in the second one there is no dent
najch 2007-08-04T19:59:38Z This is so much fun. Good way to spend time.
tumhari? 2007-08-04T17:13:05Z yaaaaaaaa i won will surely send in my entry great contest
India16.Anchal 2007-08-04T16:04:45Z OMG I won. I can't believe I won. Thanks. I will try this weeks contest too.
~NiKkY~ 2007-08-04T14:31:35Z errrrrr!i sent my awnsers and i added something that i wasn't sappoused to so i guess i got it wrong:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

so sad:(

i wonder if i can send another entry....
Ambrosia 2007-08-04T07:21:27Z yayyy I won..Congrats to others *claps*
T_fari 2007-08-04T05:51:36Z Sallu looking horrible in bold head pic....:-S :-S :-S
tina_sre 2007-08-04T05:28:06Z Oops! missed again....No prob. U know na Nish...will kep trying till I get it rite.
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