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Contest of the Week: Starry Eyes

Welcome readers to another edition of Starry Eyes!

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Welcome readers to another edition of Starry Eyes!
Last month we presented to you a pair of eyes and asked you to guess who they belonged to: Contest of the Week: Starry Eyes!. As correctly guessed by many, it was none other than Aditya Srivastava!
This month, we bring to you another fresh pair of eyes. All you have to do is guess who they belong to. Simple, right? Let's get to it then.
Ring a bell? What are you waiting for? Drop the answer to the puzzle in the comment box below and we will reveal in the next edition if you were right or wrong.
Until next time, keep guessing!
Writer: Shreya S.
Graphics: Preet K.
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Aditya Srivastava

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