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Contest of the Week - AOTM Special

We're back with another fun-filled contest..this time with a difference!


Hello friends and Welcome to another week of fun and frolic here on Telly Buzz at the Contest Corner!! We're back with a bang..and a twist! This week the contest is 'zara hatke'..as all questions are regarding IF's first AOTM - Husein Kuwajerwala.

But before that, we'd like to announce last week's contest results & winners..


The red cloth in the 2nd pic has black dots, embroidered sleeves, bindi added on forehead, dupatta is all white, the tree has 2 branches in the 2nd pic/more trees added, girl's eyebrow is longer, missing ear

And the winners are:

neha28, srk_lover, pinkykhan, brainychild92, 100%-princess, live_life

Congratulations to the winners!!

Now to this week's questions..

1) Name the show (pic) which Husein was the co-host of

2) When did Husein-Tina get married?

3) 2 things on Husein's wish-list

(Hints: In this month's Telly Buzz articles..all related to AOTM)

your entries to buzzingbees
Please do not post your answers here!
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Comments (9)

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ksang_gal 2007-10-22T16:14:37Z the tibetans looked so good on their dress..
pomegranate 2007-10-22T17:36:11Z yayyyyyyyyyyyyy I won I'm sooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ummm.... this is hard but I will try :)
live_life 2007-10-22T17:26:00Z Yayyyyyyy I won!!! my 1st time winning..........this one seems hard...letsee
urber 2007-10-22T09:46:07Z i donno any answer thoe.. good luck to the participants =p
brainychild92 2007-10-22T02:05:23Z i won last week.. yay.. i might try to give it another go this week too.. but it seems tough since i dont know too much about him..lol
~*puja*~ 2007-10-22T01:02:23Z ahhh... nice contest, great way to incorporate our AOTM Husien!!!
neha28 2007-10-22T00:44:48Z yay im one of the winners of the last week's contest....*happy dance*...lol....
this week's seems tough..i dunno 2 outta 3
surakshita 2007-10-22T00:27:22Z but very thanda.

The contest was too short we could have had something more exciting for such an interesting personality.
knumnum 2007-10-21T23:36:26Z Wonderful Qs but sadly, I dont know the answers to any, Hehehehe...

And Congos to last week's winners and All the best to this week's participants

Too_Much 2007-10-21T23:08:07Z Telly Buzz Management Team

wow new tag... *raised eyebrow* move
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