'Conflicts' to come along with dadi in the house in Hamari Sister Didi!

After dadi’s comeback in Sony Pal’s Hamari Sister Didi, Amrita and the kids will have to face tough times ahead.

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Though Dadi (Sadhna Singh) is all set to get discharged from the hospital and return home in DJ's Creative Unti's Hamari Sister Didi but this is going to create some conflict in the house.

The children are quite excited about Dadi's comeback to their house and they are planning to welcome dadi at their place by decorating the house and making cakes for her but they are unaware of the tensions and the conflicts coming along with dadi in the house.

Our source informed us, "Dadi will receive a grand welcome in the house by the kids but things won't go well between Khushi (Avneet Kaur) and Dadi further. Dadi will be miffed with Khushi as she is a girl child and she will shower all her love towards Sooraj (Uzair Basar). She will keep on scolding Khushi for every single little thing and will always be annoyed with her."

Well it seems like challenging days are coming Amrita's (Pariva Pranati) and kids' way. It would be interesting for the viewers to watch as how far their conflict goes further!

Keep reading this space for more updates.

Anwesha Kamal


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nandraiqbal 6 years ago The track appears to have been changed.dadi no more scolds khushi.Talented child artists specially Avneet is being underexposed and are not being properly utilised.
BinKuchKahe. 6 years ago Huh? Where did that come from suddenly? Its true that Dadi has been more affectionate towards Sooraj but it didn't seem like she had an issue with Khushi.
pallavi25 9 years ago God bless his soul! He was a real gentleman cricketeer!
soulstarspirit 9 years ago May his soul rest in peace..he was a great captain and a great cricketer
Nikhi. 9 years ago I'm so sorry to hear of his death. But it's nice to see the remnants of this friendship.2011-09-24 02:32:56
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