Pariva Pranati looks back on serious topics touched by her show Wagle Ki Duniya this year

Pariva Pranati, in an exclusive chat with India Forums looks back on the year 2023.

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Pariva Pranati

In the heart of Sony SAB's "Wagle Ki Duniya," Pariva Pranati, who brings life to the character of Vandana Wagle, shares reflections on a year marked by profound storytelling and personal revelations. The acclaimed show, known for its portrayal of real-life issues, tackled the gravity of cancer, providing Pariva with a deeper appreciation for the transient nature of time and the significance of cherished moments in her personal life.

Pariva looked back on to this year and said, “This year on Wagle Ki Duniya, we delved into serious and sensitive topics like cancer, which has significantly increased my appreciation for time and moments in my personal life. As we embrace the New Year, I wish everyone to experience moments filled with the warmth of loved ones and the joy of creating beautiful memories together. Whether it's a shared meal, a heartfelt conversation, or simply being together, every moment spent with family and friends is precious.”

Here's to a New Year filled with the richness of shared moments, meaningful conversations, and the warmth of loved ones, as inspired by the heartfelt reflections and wishes of Pariva Pranati from the world of "Wagle Ki Duniya."

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Pariva Pranati

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Love her as Vandana Wagle

3 months ago

Such a beautiful girl ,,, why did she need to go for lip enhancements 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

3 months ago

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