Colors Show Sitara Welcomes A New Character!!


Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara is an Indian supernatural series that aired on Colors TV this week. Sitara is produced by none other than Rashmi Sharma Tele films Limited and has a star cast comprising talents such as Adaa Khan, Lavina Tandon, Shakti Anand and Shilpa Sakhlani Agnihotri. 
Sitara's story revolves around the mother and daughter. The mother is eternal and a destroyer who lives in another world, while the daughter is the protector inhabiting the human world. The show has charmed the audience with its spooky story-line since the first episode itself. 

The latest new character to be added in the show is none other than Harshit Arora, lead character in Channel V's popular show P S I Hate You. The actor was last seen in Jai Kanhaiya Lal  Ki on Star Bharat.

As per media reports, Harshit is going to play the essential role of Aryan Singh Rathore. Aryan is going to be Netra's (Vaishali Takkar) brother and will be the parallel lead.

As the production of supernatural shows is trending, Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara is all set to ride on the trend and allure the audience. Despite few episodes young, the show has amassed plenty of audience. Who all are excited for its upcoming episodes? Let us know in the comments below.
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JhaCreation 2018-12-05T05:32:57Z Me lots & of excitement for every coming episode...
Shivani_4u 2015-01-26T06:40:51Z Excuse me...may i Cool...akki was looking hot as always Day Dreaming..loved the comedy...action n bg music Wink
Baby is a must-watch...i enjoyed it...n guys its against terrorism nt any religion... Thumbs Upthe guy who helped dem in dubai looked ohh-laa-laa...nt to mention btr den fawad khan in acting as well as looks ShockedBlushing...Is he a paki actor??? gajab Blushing
hotchic2 2015-01-26T05:02:15Z It really saddens me, reading such comments, loaded with hatred for Pakistanis and Muslims.
We need to grow up and act mature.
All i can say is "Allah sab ko Hidayat de"

-Daredevil- 2015-01-26T04:25:40Z And that my friend is the epitome of stupidity brilliantly portrayed by destinyhope.
Your comment may have made some angry but it makes people like me laugh at your choti soch. :)
poiu123 2015-01-26T03:01:20Z It does not matter if movie is banned in Pakistan. That is their wish. Its an Indian movie finding appreciation in India and rest of the world. That's all that matters.
Intrepida 2015-01-25T16:45:22Z People who are just talking without watching the movie, please go watch it then form your opinion, just because a country bans it because of a trailer doesnt make it against any religion or nation!!
The movie is against terrorism, terrorists have no religion! The film clearly says that, and highlights that!2015-01-25 16:46:42
chocolatefreak1 2015-01-25T12:40:47Z Opinions are not illegal and don't need proof. Most peoples opinions are silly, illogical and crazy.
And for those of you who are unaware the VICE-PRESIDENT of India is Hamid Ansari, a Muslim. 12% of the Indian population is Muslim, and 4% of the Indian Army is muslim. They movie is NOT ostracizing Muslims - Educate yourself before forming opinions for or against any topic.2015-01-26 13:57:26
koolgurl 2015-01-25T12:36:55Z @chocolate: Blaming someone with out "PROOF" is wrong...I know everyone has rights n i was listening to everyone bt u can't just point out on Muslims did I said any thing against Hindus?? I also want peace..
@suman: what r u talking [email protected]:
firstly do u have any proof???
Secondly if u don't knw anything thn plz keep ur mouth shut.2015-01-25 12:49:48
sky_fighter 2015-01-25T12:24:00Z Wow people on IF can be really dense when it comes to Muslims
And destinyhope0305 please go and investigate before acussing billions of people
Ur comment clearly shows u have no knowledge abt what u are talking abt
Destinyhope0305 2015-01-25T11:12:48Z Lollzz All Pakistanis think that we are against them...What they fail to understand is that we are against Terrorists .. And its not our fault that every terrorist is a muslim!
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