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CID team to solve the case of a copycat murderer!

CID team to solve another jumbling case. This time they will encounter a serial killer named Tricon who commits crime in an unusual style.

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The mystery and suspense on Sony TV's popular crime thriller show CID will get more thrilling this week with the mysterious case of the copycat murderer. A famous author is found murdered in a very unusual fashion.

Further investigation done by CID team reveals similar crimes being committed around 5 years back by another serial killer named TRICON.

But he is now held in a high security lockup for the past 4 years. Cops with the help of TRICON follow his lead and reach a suspect named Sunder but eventually find out that Sunder was being setup. Amidst all the drama and suspense, TRICON himself gets kidnapped by the copycat serial killer.

Will CID team be able to save TRICON or Is it a trap by TRICON? Who is the real murderer ?



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pinkpearl5 6 years ago Thanks for the article TB! Please keep posting more! :P
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Cute_Ash 9 years ago I thot you already released an article where u said he is in a relationship with some Preeti..
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aish_punk 9 years ago he's not single! and this movie sounds like The Hangover!
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Aanya. 9 years ago You have the wrong info IF...he's in a relationship with this girl called Preeti since AGES. they're gonna get engaged soon :P

Link -

Link 2 -

Get your facts right!
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sweet_angel27 9 years ago Always thought he looks cute with Sonam, would love to see them in a movie again! :)
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