Choose your Indian Idol with Radio Mirchi

The countdown to choosing the Bharat Ki Shaan has begun, make sure you leave no stone unturned to choose the best.. Try your luck and get to be the lucky Twosome to witness the Grand Finale!!


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The countdown to choose the next Indian Idol has begun finally. Viewers are all voting for their favorites. And the number of votes that the contestants are getting every week proves is a clear indication of the popularity of the show.Now, the show has come to its race for finish.

Radio Mirchi too has decided to jump into the run and help the viewers to choose their favourite as Indian Idol. For this, you just need to tune in to Radio Mirchi and follow the procedure for voting. But wait, it does not end here.

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Radio Mirchi has decided to add more excitement to this voting. They will be selecting two lucky winners whose choice of finalists actually makes to the finals. These two winners will have the chance to select a song of their choice which the finalists are going to sing. Not only that, the two lucky winners would also get the opportunity to be the special guests and attend the Grand Finale to be held in Mumbai on 14th September, 2007. These would get the rare opportunity to meet their favourite singer and also be a part of the excitement and celebrations of this Grand Finale.

This exciting contest by Radio Mirchi closes on 1st September. Time is short, so tune in to Radio Mirchi soon and start voting for your favourite, one who you feel is worthy of becoming the next Indian Idol. And yes, do keep the song ready with you, that you would like to hear your favourite perform. Who knows you may be the winner!!

Author: Barnali


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*Sweet_Ishu* 12 years ago september 14th? a day before my b-day wow.. that is special. i really hope emon becomes the next II.
Thanks a lot for the article. :D
.:Ashi:. 12 years ago september 14th!!! wow!!! that's close :)
ammmu 12 years ago Ooohhhh, that's great... what a great thing for Radio Mirchi to do.. Thanks Barnalidi! :)
asim316 12 years ago Wow... finals on sept 15.... .thats so close!!!! =S
ajab 12 years ago a very stuoid and fake show after deepali
tina_sre 12 years ago Sorry tangina r emon got eliminated long back so he'z not there in the show...Thankx Barnali for the article...ALL THE BEST to all five....may the best win.
desigrl27 12 years ago Hey, could you please please please PM me if u kno how 2 listen 2 Radio Mirchi in USA??? Thanks sooo much!!
Too_Much 12 years ago I am quite sure this time its chingo mingo to go out;)
tangina r
tangina r 12 years ago I hope emon makes it to the finals!
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