Anupamaa: Shruti seeks Anupama's help to cater Indian cuisine for Aadhya's friends' party

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Shruti calls Anupama to inquire if she can come home and prepare Indian food.

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The Star Plus series "Anupamaa" recently underwent a significant five-year leap, introducing substantial changes to both its narrative and cast. Yet, a surprising plot twist has emerged, creating a heartbreaking separation between Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj (Gaurav Khanna), leaving the devoted audience captivated.

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Vikram expresses concern about having fewer helping hands amidst an increasing number of dining customers. This conversation prompts Yashpal to conduct a cooking test for Anupama, challenging her to prepare dishes in less time. While hurrying through the preparation, Yashpal instructs Anupama to expedite the process, and she joyfully complies. As the task concludes, it's time for the taste test. Anupama serves the dishes to Yashpal, who evaluates them without revealing anything, leaving Anupama visibly tense. In another subplot, after discussing with Anuj, Shruti calls Joshiben (Anupama) to inquire if she can come home and prepare food. Aadhya's friends are coming over for a party, emphasizing their love for Indian cuisine.

In tonight's episode of Anupamaa, Yashpal's mother praises Anupama's tea, foreseeing Yashpal's success. Anupama is affectionately named 'Anapurna' and handed money. Yashpal tasks her with restaurant chores. Grateful in America, Anupama credits survival to cooking and dancing. Dreaming of Aadhya, their bond puzzles her. Ansh queries Baa about Bapuji, learning of a wedding. Pakhi reveals her divorce, demanding coffee from Dimple. Leela contemplates telling Anupama's move, opposed by Vanraj. Aadhya intervenes in Shruti's laptop incident. Pakhi disrespects Dimple, and Kavya supports, causing family unrest. Anupama shares Yashpal's mother's words with Vikram. Shruti confirms Anupama's channel, forming a connection. Shruti hints at Anuj, leading to a call. The episode ends with Shruti revealing her impending marriage.

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Comments (5)

Ab iss Shruti pe bhi Anupamaa ka bukhar chad gaya...

3 months ago

Isse kehte hai apne paon pe kulhadi marna

3 months ago

She didn't improve much

3 months ago

Why didn't u tag sukirti?

3 months ago

Shruti seems hell bent on apne pair par kulhadi maarna like Anuj, Malti, Kinjal etc did in the past. Ek baar ye panauti Joganpamaa kisi ke life mein ghusti hai, fir voh apne Shameless Shah maalikon ko bhi laati hai aur ye sab saath milkar insaan ki zindagi barbaad kar dete hai

3 months ago

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