Chicken pox hits L'il Champs..

Schedules of Zee's L'il Champs has gone haywire as few of the kids selected for the finals are down with chicken pox...

The participants of Zee's L'il Champs are under the weather even before the competition has begun.  Shooting with the 12 participants who have made it to the finals was about to take place from 11th June but unfortunately five of them are down with Chicken pox!!

Abhigyaan, Yashodhan, Hemant, Debolina and Shreyasi  are severely ill and are not in a condition to practice or shoot. They are advised complete bed rest and not to stress themselves.

And as the disease is contagious, more are expected to fall prey to it!

The team is in grave dilemma because the channel has to re – schedule everything from scratch now. And as per the rules and regulations, the kids cannot be asked to shoot until and unless they are up and about in their feet. 

We hope a speedy recovery to the little champs who are just about to make it big in the industry…!!


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sajni786 11 years ago oh nooo......hope they all get well soonnn
samira_rao 11 years ago aww thts bad....i really hope they get well soon.....and r soon fit enough to rock da stage
Annie4Juhi 11 years ago awww
i hope they will be fine soon
suruchi123 11 years ago This content is hidden.
adoremevirgo 11 years ago ok so the "reality" show makers r facing the harsh realities of life for a change
*Dakoo_Minzy* 11 years ago poor kids......wish them speedy recovery & relief from chicken pox!
sushii. 11 years ago awww hope they are back on their feet soon!
lovely_lady 11 years ago ouch..i had chicken pox once..
it itched like crazy..poor kids..
hopefully they will get well soon =)
burgerchaap 11 years ago i hope they recover fast.
good luck to them!
dua_44ever 11 years ago i hope they recover soon! poor kids! feel bad for them!
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