Chennai Swaggers reveal who they want to fool on April Fools Day!

Sunny Leone's Frooti BCL Season 2 Team Chennai Swaggers share their April Fool Day memories and who they'd like to play a prank on.

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Kunal Pant

I don't trust anybody saying anything on 1st April - I become extra conscious. But if there is anyone I'd like to play a prank on from our team, it would be Riya Deepsi. She is the youngest member of our team and is very chirpy and energetic. So I would like to tease her with my silly arguments of the game.

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Shobhit Attray

I believe in making others a fool rather than being one on that day. As far as old incidents are concerned, I have done enough pranks while shooting for my earlier shows. But this time, I would love to play a prank on our owner Sunny Leone on 1st of April. What would be the prank that I would like to play on her, is supposed to be a secret.

Rafi Malik

The only pranks I remember are of getting conned on April Fool's Day, were in my school. They were silly, cute moments of childhood.  But yes, I have someone in mind who I'd like to make a fool off on that day - Vahbbiz Dorabjee. She is close friend of mine, but gets easily irritated at times.

Pooja Banerjee

Nobody has been able to fool me all these years. But I remember pulling a fast on on my class teacher by mock fainting in the middle of the class. In fact, the entire class thought I was seriously ill. Thank God I burst out laughing or else I would have taken me to the hospital or the principal. As for my wishlist of fooling people, I would like to fool Shaheer Sheikh and Rafi Malik from my team. They both are really funny. It's difficult to understand whether they are being serious or just joking. So, fooling them would be quite a challenge.

Mayank Gandhi

During the days of Kasamh Se, the executive producer of the show once gave me call time of 6 am. When I went to the set, there was no one around and a card with a note, 'April Fool' was pinned in my make-up room. That was quite funny. The people that I would like to fool from the team are Shravan Reddy ,Rafi Malik, Sharad Tripathi, Shaheer Sheikh, Abhishek Verma and Shabbir Ahluwalia. The list is big!

Himmanshoo Malhotra

For someone who's open to being made a fool of on April Fool at least once, I have never been targeted. Instead I end up preparing for my birthday which falls the next day on April 2.  I want to play a prank on my wife for once on April Fool's Day. She's super fun and crazy, so playing a prank on her would be awesome. I'm thoroughly gonna enjoy it !

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haha himmi wanna play a prank on his wife. love u himmi keep rocking.

7 years ago

I would like to play a prank on sunny leon 's fans...on today Ekta kapoor.

7 years ago

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