Chennai Swaggers gears up again for the match on 1st April!

Chennai Swaggers, the team owned by Sunny Leone in BCL season 2 is all set for their match on 1st April.

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Pooja Banerjee

The strategy for the match against Pune is pretty simple. Just keep calm and play with a smile. I love my team because my team is the coolest and the team members are gems. Recently, I was doing a lot of travelling and hence couldn't really practice much. But that's not an excuse. Whatever practice has been done I am sure its enough for defeating Pune Anmol Ratan. Our team owner Sunny Leone is so sweet. She cheers and motivates all the team members and is really energetic. Ekta Kapoor too motivates us before the match and she individually congratulates all the team members.

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Shobhit Attray

Our strategies are definitely different for each and every match and depends on which team we will play against. We practice according to each and every player of the other team. It's not just me but the entire team that is practicing regularly. We all have become like a family now. Even on days we do not practice, we all meet and party together. Each and every player in our team plays their best game. We all support and compliment each other. Our team owners are super cool with maximum swag. We talk and discuss, chill, plan strategies sometimes and most importantly, we have lots of fun.

I don't make any strategy personally but I follow my gut. But whatever the coach and captain wants I follow that. My team is all about unity and I couldn't have asked for better owners. To play matches and win, you need to practice and who will perform well can't be said before hand. It depends on the day of the match.

We wish you all the very best Chennai Swaggers!

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Mayank gandhi is the hero of chennai swaggers.All the best sunny leon for chennai swaggers's next match.loveEkta kapoor

7 years ago

:D hahah babli badmash hai.. Piggy ko shabaash hai.. cant wait to watch her doing retro song mwaaah...all d best.. U ROCKKK BABY!! :)

11 years ago

Yyyaaayyy can't wait to c this. Priyanka chopra rocks

11 years ago

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