Chehra from March 9th at 7.30 pm slot..

Yash Patnaik's new show on Star Plus, Chehra will take the 7.30 pm slot, and this means Santaan will be shifted to the 7 pm slot from March 9th...

Beyond Dreams' love story cum drama thriller, Chehra is all set to go on air on March 9th, Monday to Friday at the 7.30 pm slot on Star Plus.

According to our source, "Santaan which is presently aired at the 7.30 pm slot will now be shifted to 7 PM as Sangam will go off air from March 6th. However, Santaan will also be shutting shop on March 20th".

Coming back to the 7.30 pm slot which is usually reserved for the bahu-beti centric tear jerkers, Producer Yash Patnaik is confident that the lead girl of Chehra who is strong, confident and level-headed will be able to take on the competition.

He feels the competition in ant slot would have been equally stiff. "But I have confidence in my product, its strong content and very mass oriented, just the way it should be at that slot. Besides, it is the channel's prerogative to give us slot, it's entirely their call".

While Patnaik who is also producing Monica Mogre Case Files for Zee TV is tight-lipped about the story line and cast, he says "The show is about how appearances can be deceptive and how someone's face could be the perfect mask for something else".

Reporter and Author: Kshama Rao

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Comments (8)

well i hope this is a different concepta nd i am looking forward for it.

15 years ago

sounds gr8................

15 years ago

sounds different, hopefully it is...


15 years ago

The way there are promoting with thrilling promos make me look forward for this soap ...hope it will be different and wishing it luck

15 years ago

Looks like SP is trying to go for divergent programming here. The show sounds interesting. Always nice to have some sort of change from the saas-bahu regular stuff.

15 years ago

thanx..........anyways won''t watch it.

15 years ago

I wanna watch it..............
Sounds gud...............

15 years ago

Oh wow
lets is this show goes

15 years ago

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