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#CheckItOut: Arshad and Zoya's soon to happen engagement picture from 'Bepannaah'

Clearly, Zoya looks unhappy...


A lot is about to unravel with Zoya (Jennifer Winget) and Arshad's (Taher Shabbir) soon to happen engagement. And, how is any occasion ever complete without loads of drama which of course lead to yet another turn of events.

Only recently, actor Iqbal Azad aka Wasim shared a family picture of the Siddiquis along with Arshad, and while it is definitely not a great sight for the shippers of Zoya and Aditya, there's unhappiness visible on Zoya's face visible too.

See the picture right here:
Well, while the viewers are in fact excited about what will follow during the engagement, what is more interesting is the fact as to how and when will Zoya and Aditya's love story fall in place!
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Amru4krish 2018-09-11T04:26:20Z Bepannaah with Harshad Chopda and Jennifer Winget is an amazing combination... Winning hearts
deeps07 2018-09-11T02:40:41Z Bepannaah is the bestest ever..
Harshad Chopda is a masterpiece
Harshad Chopda and Jennifer Winget nails it2018-09-11 02:43:51
bittu31094 2018-09-10T01:47:39Z harshad chopda as aditya is bless for itv
lalita1018 2018-09-09T22:47:28Z Thoda drama toh Banta hai for Zoya to realise her live for Adi ...Harshad Chopra has portrayed Adi sooo well
zeekhan1983 2018-09-09T19:48:58Z Bepannaah mohabbat ho gayi hai tumse
Aditya Hooda
anjaanichudi 2018-09-09T14:06:00Z Bepannaah pyaar hain aapse Jennifer Winget
harshadsriti 2018-09-09T09:46:55Z Love Bepannah and waiting for Zoya to fall in love with Aditya.
Love Harshad Chopda loads.
meenadsouza 2018-09-09T05:43:21Z Jennifer Winget looks very cute and pretty as Zoya. Love your Jennifer... Love Bepannah and waiting for Zoya to fall in love with Aditya.
Love Harshad Chopda loads.
Adi_Ki_Zoya 2018-09-08T20:46:35Z Harshad Chopda is love
Bepannaah mohabbat for you
Jennifer Winget looks pretty as bride
anjaanichudi 2018-09-08T13:00:39Z Jennifer Winget looks heavenly as a bride.
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