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Chavi Mithal's entry brings a new twist in Bandini...

Chavi Mithal's entry as the look-alike of Dharamraj's dead wife brings in a new twist to the tale in Imagine's Bandini...


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NDTV Imagine's Bandini is all set for Dharamraj Mahiavanashi and Santo's remarriage, but there is going to be a twist in the tale with the entry of Anamika, aka Chavi Mithal.

Chavi Mithal's entry which happened yesterday was kept low profile, in order to keep the suspense value intact.

According to our source, "The entry of Anamika (Chavi Mithal) who is a look-alike of Subhadra, the dead wife of Dharamraj Mahiavanshi (Ronit Roy) will eventually be the next hurdle in the life of Santo. Anamika will be invited for the wedding of DM and Santo, and this is when she arrives in the mansion. The entire Dharamraj family gets a shock on seeing Anamika as she resembles Subhadra very closely".

Dharamraj's reaction on seeing the look-alike is something to be watched in the coming episodes.

When contacted, Chavi Mithal says, "My entry was meant to be low profile. And since my entry brings a new twist to the tale, and there is so much to unfold, I cannot talk much about my character. All I can say is that Anamika is positive".
Well, this entry will surely keep the viewers glued to the show…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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ArjaAddict 10 years ago ohhhhhhhhhhhh i wish she doesnt turn as the real subhadra!!!!!
xo4515 10 years ago thank god ekta brought this new twist otherwise it would be so boring to watch santu and DM marriage going happily for weeks without any Drama.
lubie 10 years ago i guess she really means its a positive role for her not santo.
Yuvika_15 10 years ago oh chavi mital...i dnt lyk her!!

i wish it was ST instead
Saabi45 10 years ago Hmmm..
Lookalike?? Must be some fuel for Moti's work..
crazy4amrit 10 years ago i just hope the re-marraige will happen...
lipshaa 10 years ago I thought so that this will be twist....Lookalike....
Iriss 10 years ago oohh interesting

DM-Subhadra's past will come out in Flash backs

may be Tarru will try to bring her in mansion n make her stay to make DM uncomfy n Santo ko neecha dikhane ke liye
pinks86 10 years ago finally we no how subhadra used to look like ... the paintin was obviously a fake ... lol
PCRocks 10 years ago i think she is DM and Subhadra's daughter that MB thinks that she is dead but she wasn't
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