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Channel V's Relationship Status - It's Complicated, a show for today's youth

Relationship Status- It’s Complicated, a new show for today’s youth. It will highly bring forth the topic of Relationship.

After establishing itself as the country's number one youth General Entertainment Channel (GEC), Channel V is all set to get a refreshed identity- a new logo to go with its new tagline- 'V Correct Hai', underlying the inherent brand thought, "what feels so right, can't be wrong". This brand refresh will also see the launch of four exciting new shows that embody this thought, as the Channel continues its focus on the youth of the country.

One of the shows, Relationship Status - It's Complicated, is about three boys and three girls who land into each other's life when they become next door neighbors. Once their initial euphoria settles, they discover that there is a lot more to their relationship that needs to be understood.

Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but they need to co-exist not just peacefully, even in love. Zooming in on what men want versus what women want, the show revolves around three boys and three girls in Mumbai, a permissive city with opportunities for a variety of relationships with the opposite sex.

While Maddy, Rocky and Bappa try to unravel the mystery called girls', Jo, Urvashi and Nikki try to understand the men' in their lives. And once they become neighbours, their relationship statuses do get complicated! The sitcom will have half-an-hour episodes and will be a bi-weekly offering. Tune in time -  Friday & Saturday 6PM

Says Prem Kamath, GM and Channel V head, "With new roles and relationships being forged everyday around us, the need to understand the opposite sex is much more pronounced than ever before. That's what makes Relationship Status-It's Complicated such an important show despite its light-hearted approach."



Relationship Status-It's Complicated  Channel V 

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