Channel V Launch Pad gets its winner..

The channel with Bigadda had a music concert where they declared the winner of Launch Pad...

This concert was recently held for the youth with the tag 'be the change'. The aim of the concert was to awaken their minds. In this concert the winner of Launch Pad was also declared.

After passing the brutal trails and tribulations on [v] Launch Pad, the bands that made it to the top three- Faridkot from Delhi, Reverse Polarity from Mumbai and Cassini's Division from Kolkata also entertained the audiences in which Reverse Polarity was declared as the winner of Launch Pad.

The ecstatic crowd was grooving with Indi-pop artists – the king of Sufi music– Kailash Kher, Godfather of Disco – Bappi Lahiri, the ex-viva girl & the bollywood singing sensation – Anoushka Manchanda and the seamless – Raghu Dixit.

During performances, they were urging Indians to stop complaining and be the change. The singers pledged to the audience to be aware of the various problems existing in the society today. Demand better roads and water supply, report bribery cases at your nearest ACB office, file a PIL on behalf of your people, if issues of terrorism and safety surround you; these were some of the sentiments echoed by the singers. The super cool VJs of Channel [v] – VJ Juhi, VJ Mantra and Lola Kutty with their remarkable comic timing entertained the crowd.

Speaking about the concert, Prem Kamath, General Manager, Channel [v] said, "We've not even scratched the surface in taking control of our civic fate, as Mumbai's voter turnout showed. There's nothing like a kick-ass concert to get minds to open and attitudes to shift, and hopefully we did just that tonight! Change will not come by throwing shoes, but by equipping ourselves with the right tools."

Channel [v] & BIGADDA gave thousands of music lovers a 'once in a lifetime opportunity' to witness LIVE non-stop music by some of the most coveted artists who came together on the same platform to entertain Mumbai.

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Bappi Lahiri

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Kailash Kher

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i''m just glad cassini''s division didn''t win...reverse polarity is a gud band!

14 years ago

man...I LOVE REVERSE POLARITY...the rawk...!!!! i new there gonna soo happy....LOVE u gaurav..!!!

14 years ago

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