Channel Heads demand peace between FWICE and producers

After weeks of the FWICE strike affecting the channel revenues, the heads have finally put their foot down and demanded the strike come to an end. Read to know more...

The dispute between the Federation of Western Indian Cine Employees and the producers, which resulted in a strike by the FWICE, not only led to disruption in the work schedules of the artistes, but also caused a major threat to the survival of the Hindi General Entertainment Channels.

Due to this threat posed to the GECs, the channels have reached a unanimous decision to finally put an end to the never ending strike.  Channels heads have issued warnings to the FWICE and producers to resume shooting at the earliest.  They also issued a memorandum stating that they are not involved in whatsoever way in the strike. According to the memo, the channel heads have clearly stated that they would like the matter to be sorted out between the FWICE and the producers by the 9th of November.

The current market situation is already affecting the revenues being brought in by the GECs, but this strike is adding to the burden. The channel heads have reached the decision to collectively combat this financial crisis not only to control costs, but also to continue providing entertainment to the loyal audience.

Speaking about the memorandum, Keertan Adhyanthaya, Business Head, Star Plus, says, It is not only the channel that is suffering to due to this strike but the viewers and advertisers too. So finally we decided to put our foot down and tell the producers and de rest of the fraternity that it was high time they put an end to all of this. They need to resume shooting or else the channel does not get any new content from them leaving all of us in the lurch."

Annotating on the same, Tarun Mehra, Business Head, Zee TV states, "The demands being made by them are not at all viable. The issue is between the producers and the federation. But if the producers demand for more money, it is likely that we might lose our advertisers, as they don't want to pay more. If it doesn't end right now it never will. I think the federation and the producers need to solve it on their own. "

Well, memorandum or no, we hope all of this will put an end to the ongoing strike soon enough.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie

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yeah hope the srtike ends soo coz i hate the repeat shows

15 years ago

i hope this strike ends soon so we can watch our favourite shows!

15 years ago

i hope they dont start their strike again becoz of the producers and others we have 2 suffer lolz!

15 years ago

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