Chandan Anand gives tips on dealing with a 'heart-break'!

Mending a broken heart is one of the toughest jobs in the world...

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"Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means you are strong enough to let go." - Author Unknown.

Mending a broken heart is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Letting go of someone you love is one of the hardest things you'll ever do...and maybe one of the healthiest things too!

Today we have with us Chandan Anand share some tips on dealing with heart break!

When a relationship ends, our heart breaks like a mirror, falling hard from the top floor of a tower. Have you any in your life suffered a broken heart?

I have gone through this phase in a relationship. I feel getting over a broken heart is the most difficult task. Nowadays, people say they have moved on easily, but I feel log bolne ke liye bolte hain. I have watched people, who keep saying that they have moved on, but their actions prove that they haven't really moved on. The joy of being in love is greater than the joy that one derives from material possessions. 

I would like to say one thing to all the couples, before breaking someone's heart, think a thousand times why you want to do so. I have noticed that the ones who want to move-on often fall into the same trap in every six months or a year. So, first sort out your heart and then move-on.

How difficult is to move on from a relationship? 

It is really difficult. I had been in a state where I didn't know how to pass my time and at that point you take help of wrong things - you indulge in alcohol and smoking. 

Then comes a phase when you don't want to see yourself in that state - so you start surfing to know how to get over heart break. I don't think these phases are waste of time, these are learning lessons. Anyone who goes through a break-up learns something about life. Of course there is a phase when you want to find ways to get your ex back. My personal view is that I don't want to go back. And then at some point you surrender to God's plans for you.

Five pointers to avoid depression due to heartbreak

Think about yourself, who are you and why you are here? Once you have figured the answers to that then it is easy. 

Wake up each morning, go to the gym or jog, because I have seen that working out is best way to remove depression out of your system. If you take this first step 50 per cent of your problems are solved. A good workout tires your body so you will sleep well at night. Even if you will feel lonely, physically you are too tired so you will automatically sleep. Normally it is difficult to sleep after a break-up as your mind keeps going back to the past memories. So, workout is a must after break-up or to deal with depression caused by it. 

Don't indulge in drinking and smoking as it only gives momentarily relief and help. Also, one tends to overeat. During depression you attract everything that damages your body. Eventually all these habits will lead to weight gain and depress your further. 

Eat good food, have good thoughts, get a good workout, listen to good music - music is a diet for your soul and mind, watch good films, meet good people who are positive and those who support you and help you stay away from alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. 

Remember this is the best time when you can do something for yourself. Be selfish at that point of time. In that phase our thinking, eating, living, etc. everything surrounds why that person broke my heart. So get away from it. It will depress you further. 

Do you have any more tips? Drop in your views in the comment section below! 

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