Chance Pe Dance - Movie Review

Chance Pe Dance is the latest offering from Bollywood begging you to have faith in yourselfof course, coupled with a lot of patience!

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Genelia D' Souza, Mohnish Behl, Satish Shah
Director: Ken Ghosh

Many stories have been made trying to dig up the dirt on behind-the-scenes Bollywood. Chance Pe Dance is another one in that category.

This time, we get to see it, through Sameer (Shahid Kapoor). Sameer is powerhouse of talent, a Delhiite, who instead of choosing to work in daddy's shop comes down to Mumbai to realize his dreams of becoming a star. It's not easy. Tons of auditions, tons of rejections and tons of fake –promises are a part of Sam's life. But he doesn't let all this disillusion him and carries on with a toothy grin.

He meets Tina (Genelia D' Souza) a pretty bubbly choreographer during one of his auditions. She goes on to become the supportive girlfriend that every guy dreams off.
Life is okay until a certain director Rajeev Sharma (Mohnish Behl) spots Sam at a nightclub and offers him a film. But destiny gives him a cruel lightning-bolt as that promise too is broken. However, like they say, when a door is shut a window opens up. How, inspite of getting broken into shambles, Sam gathers himself up (with a good amount of help from Tina) and turns his dream into a reality is what Chance Pe Dance is all about.

If Luck by Chance told you that in Bollywood along with talent you need a lot of luck to play by your side, then Chance Pe Dance tells you that as an individual you can't let go of chances that come by you. Especially when you know you're talented. It makes clear the true meaning of 'struggler' in Bollywood industry.

The movie has its own share of 'inspirations'. You will find that the film has been lightly inspired by Step Up and Sister Act. The cinematography of song Rishta Hai Mera Aasman Se, reminds you of Madonna's Don't tell me and Bryan Adams' Here I am. The fact that Sam stacks up his dresses in a refrigerator is a done to death cliche.

Shahid's introductory dance sequence is a whistle generator. The rest of his dance sequences make you want to join him.  It aches how he makes Genelia's dance sequence fade away. Some of the awesome scenes are Sam and Tina's scooty drive, where Sam thinks to himself- 'yeh aunty toh thirty ke upar nahi chalati hai' and the one where Sam gets kicked in the groin by a kid. Ouch!

Shahid Kapoor as struggler Sam is awesome. The way he tries to laugh his way out of his troubles makes you feel light. His baby face expression, when the director Sanjeev offers him the lead role, makes you melt. The character of Sam has helped bring out Shahid's dancing skills in a grand way. Guru Shiamak Dawar should be proud.

Genelia D'Souza as Tina, the disciple of traffic rules, is cute. The frank attitude with which she takes on dance steps, her specs and roadside Romeos is cool! However, she fails to get much scope in this film.

Mohnish Behl
as the director who struggles to find a balance between roping in true talent and his financial needs is smooth. Satish Shah as the concerned school principal is adorable.

Music is foot-tapping. Especially in the rap number that goes Just Do It. The joint effort of Pritam Chakraborty, Adnan Sami, Sandeep Shirodkar and Ken Ghosh is just good enough. Does not leave you asking for more.

Ken Ghosh gives you another glossy pop-corn entertainer. There's not a moment of awkwardness in the film, keeping in mind the Indian audience. Fun movie to watch. But don't expect anything new.

Rating: ***

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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