Cezanne Khan and Rahil Azam in Imagine's next??

Bohra Films' show on NDTV Imagine might in all probability see the comeback of Cezanne Khan and Rahil Azam to television...

Bohra Films, who have basically been film-makers, are debuting in Television now!! And the news is that, they are all set to come out with their first show, tentatively titled ‘Tanhaaee’. The serial will very likely be on NDTV Imagine.

According to our source from the industry, “Cezanne Khan who played the lover-boy Anurag in Kasauti Zindagi Kii might make a comeback to television with this show.  Along with him might be seen the very versatile Rahil Azam, who was last seen in Sony’s Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na”.

“Though the actors have not been finalized, there is every possibility of seeing them in this show. The show is most likely to be launched in the coming year, probably in January”, adds our source.

However, when we called Sunil Bohra, Producer Bohra Films, he remained tight-lipped and said, “There have been many actors who have been approached for the show. It’s very early to comment now”.

We tried calling Cezanne Khan and Rahil Azam for a confirmation, but both seemed clueless about the project.

We messaged Shailja Kejriwal, Executive Vice-President Content, NDTV Imagine for confirmation, but she was unavailable for comments.

As of now, let’s play the waiting game to see when things get clearer!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Rahil Azam

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cool to hear cezanne khan is coming in another show good news

15 years ago


TV industry gives challenging spaces with practical budgets..it is upto the actor to give results..

Film Industry gives challenging spaces with big budgets & lot of time time space to make a 3hr movie

Cameos are given challenging spaces to win audience in a short span of time..


As a Cameo , he gives visionary results in a very shortspan of time creating a fictional universe in ur heart & walks in ur fantasies with all his colorful , flavorful mystical magical charms & takes over the screen space .. veiwers heart space ..becomes the spotlight of the show.. raises the trps of the show..

A diamond has 58 facets in shape of a prism with very high refractive power , when light enters it , instead of passing through the diamond, the light is bent & reflects back on the stone, so a greater amt of light is returned to our eyes, when we see the diamond it sparkles brilliantly in different colours..

Sameway RAHIL AZAM..

SPARKLES BRILLIANTLY LIKE A DIAMOND IN DIFFERENT COLORS / shades / in the audience hearts..due to magnetic appeal..

He is totally timeless ...never ending..charismatic..talented .. enigmatic.. stunning ..funny..notty..mischeivous..
Wish him all the best for his endeavours..he''s da best

15 years ago

Rahil Azam !!! Rahil Azam !!! Rahil Azam !!! Wow Who is this handsome sexy hawt Debonair ..his Name Sparkles Brilliancy..

R – Royal & Regal
A – Attitude
H – Hawt
I – Intelligent
L – Love Love

A – Alluring
Z – Zesty
A - Aromatic
M- Mystical Magical

Rahil Azam the name sounds familiar…Isn’t he the dashing sexy suave handsome strong brave man who played Swayam in Babul … He is a total hawtie .. has a reputation of pulling TRPs with his screen Presence which is Magnificent – Eloquent – arresting – Royal – Regal.. Is he the same Guy ? Oh my god..

What a fantastic body – ht – wt Oozing masculinity strength bravery courage carries himself with lot of power packed attitude ..strikingly stylish all at once..

His Seduction styles are so provocative
Everyone sends out their vibes to attract people towards them. But not all seductive or romantic styles & inner qualities are alike. The Type of magnetism / passion / sensuality / seduction Rahil Azam exudes and the styles he generates his sex appeal look even stronger makes girls fall for him over & over again .. Rahil Azam is a total Package..bundle of hi- potentials..looks .. body..excellent actor..charming voice..

Romantic relationships with Rahil Azam serials are the supreme best coz they''re more:Adventurous and entertaining.

Versatile Voice – coordinates all body language ..has the ability to deliver all his dialogues- with various emotions at the drop of a hat..

15 years ago

i love one person the one who put his hand in his forehead!he is in resham dank its a family show i love it!can u tell me whats his real name???

15 years ago

dat''s amazing news... will luv 2 b cez bck in telly 1ce agian

15 years ago

comeback of Anurag would surely be great

15 years ago

Two hotties together
Too hot too handle lol

15 years ago

wooooooooooooooooooooow Cezanne Come back

15 years ago

Will love 2 See Them 2gether<333

15 years ago

would love 2 see cezaane and rahil!

15 years ago

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