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Celebs speak on the importance of laws on the occasion of Independence Day!

TV actors who are seen on the screen as a host of the crime related shows making the public aware about the crime talk about curbing the crimes through the laws amended for each crime.

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TV actors who are seen on the screen as a host of the crime related shows making the public aware about the crime talk about curbing the crimes through the laws amended for each crime.

Let's see what these actors have to say about the same...

Pratyusha Banerjee last seen in Bigg Boss Saath 7 says, "I have done a special episode of Savdhaan India which was on Women empowerment. I personally feel this is a topic which needs to be given importance in today's world. I believe women empowerment is very important to bring change in the country, women should understand their own strength then only they can bring empowerment in the country. Talking about law based shows I think this shows helps to make people aware about the crime happening around them."

Pooja Gor last in Colors' Khatron Ke Khiladi Darr ka Blockbuster who is also a part of crime based show Savdhaan India says, “Laws are the very important part of our society or institution. Law binds certain boundary which is necessary else the situation would turn up messy, people would become animals if there are no boundaries. In spite being laws implied on women, they are still not safe and many crimes are happening against them. With such implications of laws it makes the criminal think twice before acting on any crime.

The crime based shows have great impact on Indian audience; the difference can be clearly seen in the crime rates happening in the world. With the help of such shows people are becoming more aware about the crimes happening around them and people have started taking precautions towards them. Lastly I would like to tell my readers to try and make the society more better place to live as we are in our 67th year, there are many personalities who have sacrificed their life for betterment of the world and we should make their sacrifice worth it.”

Sushant Singh who is the face of crime based show Savdhaan India - India Fights Back says, “Law is the supreme thing. It is law that people are afraid of. Society comes out from law; it is the law that brings fear in the mind of people to stay away from wrong deeds.

One should come out of fear and obey laws. I have been a part of crime based show since long now and I have received numerous responses for the show. Even the air force and Police department people comes to me and appreciate the concept of the show, they tell me the people have become more aware by watching such shows. I also get many mails and messages saying that because of this show we got more alert and cautious about our duties.

Well, I would like to tell the audiences not to neglect their duties and first step one can take is begun with voting and stop blaming about Government. People should start following their duties which will automatically bring their rights to them.”

Hiten Tejwani seen as Manav in Zee TV popular show Pavitra Rishta says, “According to me law is very much important for stopping violence and making people scare from doing wrong things. People have wrong impression about Police department, few may be bad but there are also many good people in those departments and if you get that right person you will have your problem solved. The crime based shows are a way to teach people and make them understand about their duties towards the country. Independence day is an idea of freedom so enjoy it; you have an holiday so feel free to do whatever you want to do.”

Sharad Kelkar who is the face of crime based show Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind says, “Law is very important as you have some rules and regulations that needs to be followed, it brings fear in the mind of people. It teaches discipline to an individual as it is said now its kalyug so human tendency is no more of honesty, there is lot of corruption and politics as now the world is transforming towards kalyug. There needs to be rules and regulations set for the betterment of the country. I would ask the people to enjoy Independence within the law.”

Shakti Anand who was a part of the crime show Crime Patrol says, “It is very important for an individual to keep discipline and obey law in their everyday life. For a good nation there needs to be certain law that should be implied and followed by its citizens. With the help of crime based shows, people are getting aware about the consequences happening from certain negligence of law. The show is more informative and it helps people to be more informed about their rights and duties. Many have fought for our independence so we should respect them and we are the one who can spread more awareness to the coming generation.”

Soumya Seth seen in MTV Webbed says, “Law is to prevent wrong thing, it is for civilization, it is very important to understand the law and make use of it. I have done a show which was on Internet crime. Today India is becoming an Internet country, it is ruling all over as people are using it into their day to day life. Through this show it is an attempt to make people understand about rules and consequences which are connected to this medium. The best thing of show is there is an expert person giving advice at the end of the show. On this Independence I would like people to acknowledge the freedom that India has given us as well as to our family and ancestors.

Well, laws are truly meant to be followed and one should understand their duties.

We wish our readers a very happy Independence Day!

Aakruti Damani


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Tasha1994 5 years ago pls come back on TV SK missing you on TV so much
ahilajkula 6 years ago Pratyusha Banerjee ,you are my princess ...

navya19 6 years ago Miss u south Somya Seth onscreen... Plz come back soon
LUV_SHAMYA 6 years ago Soumya Seth we miss u onscreen dear!! keep smiling
mysterious17 6 years ago liked ur answer somya..ppl are using internet facility for wrong has become a medium of crime
cygnet9 6 years ago Pratyusha Banerjee we loved you in Saavdhan India, would like to see you participate more in such shows
Sarica 6 years ago Great message,thank you,dear Pratyusha Banerjee.You are the best.
KSSoumya 6 years ago Soumya pl. Come to the reel life again...missing u so much
Sneha.Love 6 years ago Well said, Pratyusha Banerjee. You are not only beautiful, but a smart girl as well. You were great host in Savdhaan India for a week, hosting episodes about crimes against women. Great anchoring.
nn027 6 years ago Wonderful message Pratyusha Banerjee, love you dear
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