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Celebration time on the sets of Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya!

Zee TV's Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya completes its successful journey of 200 episodes today.

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Zee TV's Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya produced by Rajan Shahi's Director's Kut Production has been enthralling and appealing the audience since its inception itself. The chemistry between Raj (Mishkat Varma) and Avni (Kanchi Singh), blooming love between the on screen duo, Saavri Bua's (Ashita Dhawan Gulabani) caring yet the harsh side has et al has always kept its viewers glued to their seats.

It is a very special day for the entire cast and crew of Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya as the show completes a successful journey of 200 episodes. The cast and the unit will have a small cake cutting celebration on the set in the evening to rejoice their achievement. On this very special occasion, we got in touch with a few actors from the show.

When contacted Reena Kapoor who essays the role of Bhavna, she says, "My journey has been very beautiful and peaceful with Director's Kut Productions. I can not think of a particular memory that holds a special place in my heart because overall I am enjoying my association with such a decent and warm person like Rajan Shahiji. I would like to convey a message to my co actors that I really adore them and to my fans, thank you for making me what I am today."

Excited Kanchi Singh says, "My life has completely changed post Aur Pyaar... It is a complete changeover of my life. In these 200 episodes, I have seen a lot, learnt a lot of things, my journey from a normal girl to becoming an actress has been fantastic. I am going to complete a year with Director's Kut Productions next month. And yes, successfully the show has completed 200 episodes because people know about the show. We are completing 200 episodes with such a bang on track that in the 100th episode, Raj proposes the girl and in the 200th episode, they both get separated. I think seriously, this is the best thing (laughs). I am very happy on this achievement of ours and I wish we complete two thousand episode. All of us are working very hard right from the spot boy to the actors. I just hope people watch us and keep on loving us more."

We also spoke to Mishkat and he happily avers, "So far my journey has been eventful and I have learned a lot many things while shooting for the show. It is a never ending journey of learning. The best memory I would related to the show is my first day of shooting where Raj and Avni separately are talking about love. Raj is talking in his garden and Avni is talking in her balcony. Apart from that, the first day I met Rajan sir and he told me that he has a show in mind but no script, nothing at all but he will make the show with me and no one else. That moment too is very special for me. I would like to convey this to my co actors that lets work hard till we bring one more zero after 200. Special message to fans is keep watching and loving me and make sure we reach 2000 episodes (laughs).

TellyBuzz wishes all the best to the entire cast and crew of Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya!

Upasana Patel

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Reenatyzed 6 years ago Reena Kapoor
ur fans love u alot
we want to see u as lead
please come as lead soon
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mehbeer09 6 years ago Love this show ... Hope Avraj get married
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Princyz_Belle 6 years ago Only commenting for MishKan...

Mishkat Verma n Kanchi Singh u too did ur best till now but sorry it is ur Cv's fault tht d show is a utter flop now..!

So plz don't expect us ur fans to support u in this crappy show..we'll alwyz Heart u but sorry we can't watch this.

n moreover we had a dream tht on 200th epi AvRaj will get married n we'll get d gift but cv's u ruined it..on 200th epi u gave us d biggest gift...n now u will also get...TRP is going to b v. low soon LOL All fault is urs..!
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Reenatyzed 6 years ago
Love u Reena Kapoor
u rock as bhavna
u r the best
keep rocking2014-10-08 03:01:30
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Sana_Jannat 6 years ago Congrts. APHG ..

LOVED APHG with its Innocent JODI AVNI-RAJ and kanchi singh and mishkat varma makes its real

thats Y we all easily attached with avni-Raj but we dnt want avni-raj separation ...

only if AVNI somehow come to know the real reason behind Raj's rude behave and then determined to get back their love and all...

then may b APHG can regain its position though not same but atleast it'll exist otherwise wnt b able to stand ..

sorry but its script is too weak ..
its not expected from an renowned PH ..

baseless,illogical track,superstitious theory and backward story with draging..
Bhavna's past

will b the main reason of its DOWNFALL..

Just spoiled each and every role ...

Ppl changed for good /bad but here to spoil the role ...

Sorry but PH have talented cast but
unfortunatly cant use them properly and as a Result this bad state..

Again im SORRY but have no problem with APHG

infact i dnt think if some1 hate APHG then will waste her time /money to watch APHG And to find its fault and
then will tell U to rectify those!! ...
2014-10-08 02:31:16
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arzun-arohi 9 years ago salman khan always rockss ..kohi bhi film ho aagar salman ho to that will b all time blockbuster..ok und u sucker sharukh fans go to hell
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Alpha_Ka_Gamma 9 years ago bodyguard sequel..??...huh pls gimme sm be decades biggest flop...
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tomnjerry2 9 years ago I hav a very few good name for its sequel.. Headache 2... Headache Returns... ya phir Hindi main Sardard ... ROFLROFL
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S226079 9 years ago This content is hidden.
Jessuu 9 years ago thank god a sequel!! hopefully kareena is in it...the movie needed more of that salman-kareena romance!! love them!!
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