Celebration time on Burey Bhi Hum

The show celebrates Mahotsav where one will see the story line changing between Krishna and Jay... They also got a special transport made for the shoot...

The coming episode of Hats Off and Star Plus show Burey Bhi Hum Bhale Bhi Hum will see a festive season. The leads Krishna (Parakh Madan) and Jay(Ashutosh Kulkarni) will be performing and the viewers will witness the madness of Mahotsav, the temple festival.

"I will be performing with Ashutosh during the Mahotsav. I will be dancing while Ashutosh will be supporting me on tabla," says Parakh Madan.

Elaborating on the utsav she adds further, "The story will be taking a new turn from here. I can't reveal much but all I can say is that you will see a new rapport between Krishna and Jay."

"We are performing at the Krishna Rukmini temple and it's a huge festival. All us are having fun on the sets. In the coming episodes, it will be shown that the family is getting the gold ornaments for God," she quips.

Not many people know that Parakh is a classical dancer. "Yes I have learned Khatak and today I am feeling great to portray my talent in the show," she concludes.

To add on to the authenticity of the show and its characters, the multi-talented Producer JD Majethia has brought in "Chakda" a local transport vehicle available only in some parts of Gujarat for the shoot. The recent storyline required the Popat family to travel in some local transport while on their way to the temple festival. Procuring a "chakda" in Mumbai is not possible due to logistical constraints, so the team decided to build their very own "chakda" right here in Mumbai. It has cost a bomb but the end result was worth all the effort.

Be a part of the celebration in Burey Bhi Hum Bale Bhi Hum on Star Plus..

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Parakh Madan

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am w8ing to see some more jai krishna scenes
they are so adorable

14 years ago

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