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Ceiling crashes on the sets of Dor

Star Plus’ Maykee Se Bandhi Dor sees another problem on the sets…

Seems like bad days of Star Plus' Maykee Se Bandhi Dor is still lingering around the sets. After all the uncertain issues that cropped up for the show, here is one more to add on.

We hear that the heavy rains have given an unpredictable shock to the entire crew after the ceiling of the make-up room crashed down.

A source says, "The ceiling of the room was already in a bad state as there was leakage. But heavy rains yesterday worsened the conditions and the ceiling just crashed down. Luckily nobody was hurt."

We just hope this to be the final misfortune on the sets of Star Plus' Dor.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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mayur-maaneet 9 years ago thank god no1 was hurt...those sets r risky...y dint they shift or repair it before only?
Ooolalala 9 years ago Always promblems in set that is not fair to actors and crew members. the production house should take care of these thing becuase these things can make someone dead
azzasarfraz 9 years ago haha, cheap sets!! kanjoos log hain ye!
someone could have got killed~
yipee 9 years ago my god is this show jinxed or what...good no one was hurt
arunima_LUIT 9 years ago Pathetic UTV ppl if u cant manage things ..stop making TV shows

Hope No actor or crew member was hurt ...though story line In Dor is encouragingly positive now ...this news makes fans sad
nb.neha 9 years ago dor makers should tk care of their actors n crew members...
AnjanaYYZ 9 years ago Sounds like Ceiling was also tied with...dor. Good thing none seems hurt
.Angel 9 years ago oh Dear God I hope are fine and nothing serious happened to anybody.

now haven't said that why can't they just end this show huh? it's not as if anybody is watching it.
rittu_deep 9 years ago Oh God!!! I hope everyone is ok...
Jeez, this show seems to be jinxed...
The production house should take care of its cast and crew...
UTV is such a reputed company and see how people are treated under it...Disgusting...
siyona 9 years ago goodness no one was injured this is so dangerous..production house n channel should take care of such that such mishaps dont happen
an innocent person can loose his life due to the carelessness of some ppl..
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