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Catchy Situations with Divyanka Tripathi!!

Hear it all, from Divyanka Tripathi as she answers situational IF I was... Rapid Fires!!


If Divyanka Tripathi aka Vidya of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann gave you her role for one day, what would you do? Here are some questions with the sweet and innocent Divyanka as she gives us her insight on some very interesting situations.

If I was my character for 24 hours I would: Be less happy. Being Vidya is really different from real life. Itna achcha aur simple hona..it's more than difficult.
If I was a chocolate for a day: I would love to eat myself up

If I was asked to sing a song right now: I would sing the song which I sung for Sagar...Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na..

If I could choose to be the writer of any serial: I would love to be the writer of...hmm...maybe a show on Disney Channel. I love those kiddish programs and I would love to work with kids..

If I was asked to give a message to my fans on I-F: itni saari baatein hoti hai bolne ki. It is hard to put it down in 2 words...
Keep watching BMTD because we experimented with the story and we work so hard for them only.. I love them all...

And that is what we truly call sweet, innocent and cute! All Divya fans, start giving her chocolates now... We wish you all the best in the future and hope that Dulhann will also do just as well!

Reporter: Manjot
Author: Manjot, Minnie.

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**sanya** 2007-08-21T07:48:51Z kwl
she luks kwl dere

ma names sonia
but sonia hussain
l0vey 2008-06-06T18:48:10Z lol if she was chocolate i'd eat her too !! hahaha jp
we love you too!
sweet_dreams22 2008-04-24T02:22:34Z cute!!!! she so sweet nd simple thts gud!:)
01nr 2008-02-24T10:35:09Z please visit www.bmtd.moonfruit.com this is the bmtd site
Jaslove 2007-08-30T22:55:13Z that was sweet & simple

thanks Minnie Di
A1rmond 2007-07-20T09:16:44Z LOVE BMTD What i like the most abt her is that she is very down to earth. I love simple, honest, cute, adorable hahah she's amazing no other words for her.
saphire45 2007-06-20T17:39:05Z she is quite sweet and i love watching her in BMTD
gamla_ 2007-06-18T11:05:45Z her hindi accent is very good. rare these days.
Kruthika.N 2007-06-17T12:13:40Z She seems quite down to earth, interesting article, thanks!
illuminated. 2007-06-16T20:22:38Z wow she is soo down to earth!

Thankx alott!
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