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Catch the Bemisaal Baraah Finalists Amul Star Voice of India

Watch the Bemisaal Baraah this week as Its Team Agni Vs Team Prithvi as the contestants get split into two groups. Check out the Slideshow!

Published: Monday,Jul 23, 2007 12:41 PM GMT-06:00
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The Countdown has begun! The Nation has seen thousands of aspirants trying their luck in Amul Voice of India, followed by weeks of grueling Auditions all over the country and now, the contestants aim to "Strike Gold" in the "Dream City" Mumbai Beginning July 27th, Friday, 10.00pm on STAR PLUS, the show will enter yet another interesting phase- BEMISAAL BARAH (or the final 12). The competition from here on will only get tougher as these 12 contestants are all set to strive harder to become the AMUL STAR VOICE OF INDIA...

So here are the "Bemisaal Baraah" contestants of Amul Voice of India - Sumitra Iyer (Jaipur), Ishmeet Singh (Delhi), Abhilasha V (Jaipur), Prantik Sur (Kolkata), Abhaas Joshi (Indore), Priyani Vani (Indore), Mohd Irfan (Jaipur), Arshpreet Kaur (Delhi), Harshit Saxena (Lucknow), Mirande Shah (Jaipur), Toshi Sabri (Jaipur) & Prantika Mukherjee (Mumbai). 

These 12 contestants will now be grouped under Two teams and will be trained and groomed. Mentors Aadesh Srivastav and Lalit Pandit team up to form the AGNI Team while Alka Yagnik and Abhijeet Bhatacharya form the PRITHVI Team. The 5th Judge of VOI Music Director Jatin will be the "Neutral Judge". 

"We have received an overwhelming response for the quality of contestants on Amul STAR Voice of India. Viewers are really liking the contestants and they have already become stars in their own right with a huge fan following", says Gajendrra Siingh, Director & Producer of the show. "What makes the show even more interesting going forward, will be the team formation under the guidance of their mentors. It is not going to be easy either for the mentors or the viewers to make a decision as the contestants are really outstanding and one would not like any of them to be voted out", he further adds.

One noticeable fact here is that Mentors of Team Agni are renowned Music Directors while the Prithvi Team has the Nation's Singing Sensations.. The stage is set now wherein along with the contestants, the mentors are also anxious to get the b
est among the 12 in their Team. Only time will tell, asto who made it to Team Agni while who are the lucky 6 to find a spot in Team Prithvi... 

As the suspense is on, Let us now ponder over few questions - What is AGNI and PRITHVI team mentor's wish list?? Will Priyani get Alka Yagnik as her mentor??? Which team would the hot favorite of girls, Toshi be in??? Will the cinematic voice of Harshit help him become the Amul Star Voice of India???? Will the wonder child Aabhas get the support of the Nation???? Will Amul Star Voice of India be from the AGNI team or will it be from the PRITHVI Team?

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Dabulls23 @Dabulls23 16 years ago Agni & Prithvi Teams concept looks logical lets see how it all works out. Cant wait for contest to start. Nice article. Thanks.
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tina srestra @tina_sre 16 years ago thankx 4 the article....we r gonna have gr8 time.
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Uma Srivastava @umi82990 16 years ago Great article and pictures!

Really enjoyed reading it!

Well written.
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Huzaifa Kaderbhai @kothra 16 years ago Sounds really cool..Its gng to be interesting
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manimasi @manimasi 16 years ago In my opinion - should have included a singer & music director team in both groups to enrich the bemisal barah
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aakifa @luv_shaan 16 years ago Thanx it will be great...sounds intresting....if alka leaves then will jatin take her place or someone else..
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*Jaya* @*Jaya* 16 years ago Singers vs. MDs.. hmmm.... Good to see that Alka and Lalit - the 2 more restrained judges are on 2 teams to balance their hyper partners ;)

Neutral judge - would that mean only Jatin's points would count, along with public votes? We will wait and see :)
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Abhijit Kulkarni @kabhi_21 16 years ago thanks for the article,..... they had kept lot of suspense about the format... it looks nice from face of it.... MDs vs singers.... so we can expect some more drama lols
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